Why is Todoist so expensive?

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The core of Todoist is labeling, listing, and filtering. Labels are the easiest to understand and represent the attributes of tasks; lists are like folders, and you must be very familiar with them, and filtering is where Todoist is one step ahead of others. The system composed of these three cores can adapt to various tasks from simple to complex. All task management tools use this system more or less, but only a few tools completely cover these three cores.

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Why is Todoist so expensive
Why is Todoist so expensive

Natural semantics add to the task

Supporting natural language is the primary reason I approve of Todoist. It can significantly improve the efficiency of input tasks. 

Simple and practical collaboration

I used to use the Reminder that comes with the iPhone to share tasks with friends, but I found a problem: In reality, it is not as simple as adding jobs and completing ticking. We often ask them to do something, and we may also help others to handle the affairs. Simple task management tools are not suitable at this time; they will mess up personnel relations.

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Link with other tools and services

Before using Todoist, I realized that task management tools should work with other devices or services, not only on specific clients. After using Todoist, I found more usage scenarios for task management tools.

10 Reasons why Todoist is expensive and worth it?

  • More features to make you feel at ease
  • More reliable 
  • remind
  • On your phone, via email, or when you arrive at a designated location
  • stencil
  • Record in detail the projects that you frequently repeat

Automatic backup

  • Personalized task management system
  • Organize your tasks and projects quickly, so you always know what to do next.
  • Label

Help you find the job you need in one second

  • Filter
  • Theme

The efficient centre of your work

  • Associate Todoist with your email, calendar, and files to simplify your workflow
  • Add email as a task
  • Forward the email to Todoist as a task or comment
  • Comments and attachments
  • Subscribe to calendar
  • Show your scheduled jobs in the calendar you selected

Celebrate your progress

Rely on Todoist Premium features to manage your work, no matter how complicated it is.

  • Completed tasks
  • Record how your every small step accumulates into the final achievement.
  • Activity log
  • Efficiency Visualization
  • Functions to help you organize your ideas
  • Simple appearance, including powerful functions
  • Excellent plug-in: turn emails and web pages into tasks
  • Hierarchical structure: subtasks, subprojects
  • Set the priority and deadlines of the task

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Is it worth having the paid version?

An accurate answer to this question depends on the number of tasks, how many projects you manage, how complex your organizational structure is, whether you like digital tools or not, etc. But I can say two things for sure. First: the premium version is very worthwhile. The advantages given by Todoist outweigh the subscription price.

Second: if you are a person with many tasks and projects, work as a team, or are in a very demanding life, buying the premium version can be especially advantageous.

The more you use resources and the more life areas you manage, the more it is worth having the paid version. But if you are an analog person, who prefers paper, pen, and diary and does not have so many responsibilities or levels of concern, try to start with the free version.

The best way to know which version is best for you is by using it. Try integrating Todoist into your organization routine for two or three weeks before making the decision. If you find yourself having more work or suffering limitations due to the free version, upgrade to a premium version for a month. But if it suits you perfectly and you don’t even remember the premium features, great.

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Todoist free vs. premium version

The Todoist is task management for the application. It is available for all Apple products (including apple watch), Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, Gmail, and the web version. The company has existed since 2007; all employees (ah, the beauty of digital nomadism) work from different parts of the world.

The free version has:

  • Recurring dates
  • Access on more than 10 platforms
  • Sub-tasks and sub-projects
  • 4 priority levels
  • Maximum 80 active projects
  • Maximum 5 people per project
  • In addition to the items above, the premium version also has:
  • Maximum 200 active projects
  • Full of 25 people per project
  • Hangtags
  • Sticky notes
  • Geographic notifications
  • Tasks added by email
  • Comments on tasks and projects
  • Upload files in tasks
  • Automatic backup      
  • Synchronization with calendars
  • Graphs and productivity record
  • Projects template
  • The business version offers:
  • Maximum 50 people per project
  • Centralized group charging
  • Management of team members
  • Priority for answering doubts
  • Task log
  • Complete invoice

Tasks and sub-tasks

All duties and projects (in the premium version) can have up to three levels. This allows you to register more complex processes:

  • Post a text on the blog (mother task)
  • Review the text (subtask)
  • Correct grammatical errors (subtask)
  • Avoid word repetition
  • Decide the title
  • Schedule for the day X
  • Insert the category

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Todoist premium version

Task templates

Task templates was the main reason why people migrated to the premium version. You create a task sequence and export it as a template, and whenever you need it, you import that task sequence to use. I use it a lot, mainly for the publication of posts, and I will tell you that I earn about 30min compared to how I used to do with the Evernote lists before. 


Todoist has some types of alerts, such as location alerts, but I like the simplest: you schedule the task time and send you a notification. I don’t use it for everyday tasks. Otherwise, I will ignore the alerts and miss those that need to be done at a particular time. So I keep the signs on specific cases that need attention at that moment.


Before signing up for the premium version, my tasks tended to be huge or just with keywords because I needed to write everything down there. But having access to comments is simpler. The jobs are with objective titles and detail critical information via comments. And for those who like it, you still have the option to attach files.

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Todoist app 

Several apps help you get organized. And several to-do lists may suit your method of organization.

The best: Todoist

Todoist is my favorite to-do list application. It is quite complete but still maintains a simple look and without confusing you. The differential of Todoist is that it is brilliant: when adding a task, you can write “today, tomorrow, Wednesday,” among others, that he will already understand that it is a date.


Unlike Todoist, Wunderlist is much simpler – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can create different lists to organize your tasks, hashtags that you can add to facilitate categorization, and additional fields for other information, such as notes or subtasks.


Right away, To-Do makes a good impression: the renewed look and intuitive tools show that it will be a good substitute for Wanderlust. Right away, the first screen that appears is My Day, which contains what you need to do today. 


Finally, we have Any. Do, which is a little different from traditional to-do list apps. To start, it already offers some pre-defined actions before you write what you have to do: Call, check, pick up, buy are some of the options.

Todoist Login

This guide will help you understand the basic methods of using Todoist and open a simple task management system to keep everything in order.

Follow up your task

It turns out that the brain always keeps us thinking about unfinished tasks. When you have only one thing left incomplete, you may be able to concentrate on completing it. But when you have more than 30 items to complete, you may not be able to focus on completing one thing.

Add new task

To add a new task in Todoist, just click+Or use keyboard shortcuts Qto open the task addition window, enter your task name.

Due date and time

If you need to complete a task on a particular day, you can enter a due date and time while entering the task name.

Create subtask

Try to make the task-specific and easy to manage. The time for the task should be less than an hour. The job of “starting my company” is too complicated, too general, and easy to be delayed. 

Manage your project

Create a new project

Plan your project

Todoist Review



Cross-stage uphold 

Fantastic highlights, for example, standard language info and profitability reports 

Effective interface

Coordinated effort highlights 

Disconnected usefulness


A couple of significant highlights not accessible to free clients. 

Best of the year 2019 Bug If you’re searching for the best daily agenda application, one that deals with every one of your gadgets, it has notable highlights for observing your efficiency and letting you know how to get sorted out the need to do. This magnificent and solid application is accessible on all significant gadgets, couldn’t be simpler to utilize, and accompanies extraordinary highlights. There’s a free form, and it’s incredible; however, Todoist is better at the Premium level. On the off chance that you need an application to sort out your undertakings, either without anyone else or with others, Todoist will keep you cheerful and profitable. It’s an Editors’ Choice. 

We have one other Editors’ Choice in the to-do classification: Asana. Asana rides the line between the plan for the day application and work-the executives application. You positively can utilize it for both. For collective expert work, we incline toward Asana marginally to Todoist. Alternately, we like Todoist a pinch more for individual assignment the executives and lightweight cooperation.

Todoist Pricing 

Todoist has three degrees of organization: free, Premium ($36 consistently), and Business ($60 per individual always). The association offers cutoff points to people in guidance and at a good cause. 

The free record offers a good experience, anyway holds down a few features you may require, for instance, refreshes, names, channels, and the ability to provide comments on tasks and move reports. With a free record, you can cooperate with others, up to five for each undertaking, and supervise up to 80 exercises. 

Todoist has been influenced to the middle by the overall thought of the gathering behind it. As of now, the application is made by a community from wherever the globe, from Peru to Poland to the Philippines, and is changed over into 21 unique vernaculars by far most of some other task director available. 

From 5th December, we will regularly revive Todoist Premium and Todoist for Business, assessing overall stages reliant on current worldwide exchange rates. The expense of Todoist Premium will be what may be contrasted with US$29 consistently. The cost of Todoist for Business will be what may be determined with US$29 per customer consistently or US$3 per customer consistently.

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Todoist full version

20 million people use Todoist to organize, plan, and collaborate on big and small projects. Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders v15.4.0 Mod [Premium] [Fixed] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Download full APK of Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders v15.4.0 Mod

Before you download Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders v15.4.0 Mod [Premium] [Fixed] APK, You can read a brief overview and features list below.

Overview: 20 million people use Todoist to organize, plan, and collaborate on projects, both big and small.

Use Todoist to:

• Capture and organize tasks the moment they pop into your head.

• Remember deadlines with reminders and due dates.

• Build lasting habits with recurring due dates like “every Monday.”

• Collaborate on projects by assigning tasks to others.

• Prioritize your tasks with priority levels.

• Track your progress with personalized productivity trends.

• Integrate your tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Amazon Alexa, and more.

Available on any device, Todoist will quickly become your hub for getting work and life organized.

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Overall, the interface of “Todoist” is very simple and intuitive, which allows us to organize very efficiently, and the operation speed is very smooth. Still, many functions are hidden in the simple interface to help us operate a large Project progress management and even teamwork management.

The free version of “Todoist” is enough, and recently “Todoist” has also added the function of integrating and synchronizing Evernote and Google Calendar. Interested friends can try it, but I feel that this part is not stable enough after trying it. So deliberately stay at the end of the article before providing it for your reference.

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