Why is Sketchup important to interior design?

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The sketch master is easy to learn and use, and the modeling is fast and intuitive. This set of courses mainly explains the essential operation of Sketchup2015 and the basis of indoor modeling. It analyzes the use of the sketch master from the shallower to the deeper and summarizes various skills. Targeted examples allow everyone to master the specific application of Sketch Master quickly. The target audience of this course is students and practitioners of interior design. It is also an excellent help for interior design enthusiasts. They can use this software independently to build indoor models and express their ideas quickly and intuitively.
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SketchUp is a very popular and easy to learn and use 3D design software. The official website compares it to the “pencil” in electronic design. In recent years, as the design industry’s importance has become more prominent, various design software has emerged in an endless stream; SketchUp is easy to operate, easy to create and modify models, and can amicably support many features such as mainstream rendering and image post-processing software.

why is Sketchup important to interior design
why is Sketchup important to interior design

Sketchup for interior design


Even the best interior design studios nowadays turn to SKETCHUP PRO to present their projects since, in addition to its excellent image power, it is a reliable and versatile work tool at the time of execution, as it is fully scalable and real.

Once the base has been drawn in 2d in the program itself (or imported from Autocad), walls can be created, modified, eliminated as desired, planning different floors of a house or adding lighting elements, curtains, carpets, sockets, switches, furniture, materials, as well as the lawn of the garden, swimming pool, plants or the garage, being able to create all kinds of envelope effects, merely inserting photographs outside.


Sketchup PRO has tools that facilitate this work by simply dragging the objects that you want to arrange in the space to be reformed or built, from the external 3D library or using any image, being able to make modifications as appropriate to color, materials, etc.,

This makes it possible to add the smallest details, such as a wall or floor material and lighting and decoration with a very high level of detail and REAL.

Sketchup for interior designers reviews

SKETCHUP, as modeling software focusing on architecture, has a lot of constraints indoors. Single-core language editing mode and no built-in renderer. It’s very depressing. However, this cannot prevent SU’s development and prosperity indoors. In 2008, I used SU to build the interior and was ridiculed. People from all walks of life told me. SU is not suitable for indoors. A few years later, SU is emerging software indoors, second only to 3D.

SU is now mainly used in the pre-derivation and concept stage of the interior. Large foreign commercial space design companies use more users.

The simple push and pull of SU make the preliminary design tasks simple, and it can also show the STYLE that other software does not have. Combined with the mature renderings of VF3D, the combination of SU+vf3d should be very promising.

The general process: accept design commission-hand-drawn draft-CAD layout-SU initial construction-repeated discussion-3D refinement-3D rendering-delivery of drawings.

This process is relatively fast. You can also SU+ built-in renderer.


At present, my design is almost completed in 3D directly in SU. The

material and the overall sense of space can be directly felt in SU, which has

changed my original design operation method. This has helped me the most.

Generally speaking, the owners can accept the drawings of SU. The drawings of

SU allows the owners to have a general idea of ​​the space. Together with the auxiliary explanation of the real case, the design communication can be achieved.


Sketchup interior design free downloads

A good set of works needs to be integrated into one’s own mind and soul, so to express the effect of such a good set of works, it is inevitable to use your favorite model to express. Sometimes it may be to save time to find a model; sometimes, it is yourself. If the modeling ability is not mature enough, you need to find a model, and sometimes you search all your “inventory,” and there is no model you want.

SU model website with the largest number of models, the model’s quality is also high; the key is free. Just look for SU; go here. There are mostly architectural landscape models and complete indoor models, commonly used in landscape, architecture, and interiors. What’s not entirely satisfactory is that there are only three free downloads per day. If you exceed three, you have to find a way to increase the download quota. 

Many readers and friends of the model library introduced also know that it needs to be used in conjunction with supp. The model in it is used as a component. You need to install the supp plug-in and use the summed component in combination. 

Sketchup designers

SketchUp modeling is only his appearance function; it is a design software suitable for designers, and it is also the mainstream design software of current first-line design companies. If you learn SketchUp well, you will throw away pens and calculators so that your solution will have both effect and efficiency.

Simple to start, more powerful.

Billet toolset, 1001 tool, F6 series tool, SketchUp UV, and JHS toolset are all plug-in applications in advanced modeling, which are already indispensable. Many students are afraid when they hear these two words. Most of our applications, The plug-ins you get are just like native tools, one-click to use, plug-ins can simplify the steps, supplement the shortcomings of the original function, don’t be afraid; in fact, many only need you to install and then use it immediately.

Are you still pulling the wall on the cover? Then you must learn the correct method! The most taught method on the market, but the wrong method? While we are learning, we have to dialectically. The lucky cat will suffer a loss. Using the wrong method at the beginning will only make a mistake magnify even more outrageous in the later stage.

Sketchup free

SketchUp is its software for creating 3D models on your computer. It was initially developed by At Last Software (software, an American company based in Boulder, Colorado, which was acquired by Google, as announced on March 14, 2006. In 2012 Trimble Navigation acquired the program. SketchUp is available in two versions: the professional version, Pro, and the free version (for private, non-commercial use). On the SketchUp English website, you can find the 2014 English version of the software for download.


The program is available on Windows and Macintosh platforms.

SketchUp for Windows does not allow the opening of more than one file in the program’s same session. If you want to use two open files (to copy and paste objects between them, for example), you need to open another SketchUp session by double-clicking on the program icon (as if you were going to start the program again). On the Macintosh, SketchUp allows the use of more than one file in the same session. To switch between files on a Mac, just use the Window menu.

Sketchup room design

There are many ways for SU to make renderings. You can decide which method and software to use according to the effect you want to show. If you want to show the effect of the SU model, you usually use SU PS. If you want to show the real effect, you can use SU VFS PS.

Some interior design software is an indispensable tool in the hands of designers. You can’t lack it. Just use software that suits you. After all, it’s just a primary tool. Interior design is more of an inspiration. I’m working in PAA. We use one piece of software.

When the designer talks with the client, it takes a long time to draw the construction drawing, and many clients can’t understand it. The 3D rendering is done after the plan is determined. At this time, Sketchup is beneficial. The master’s software is three-dimensional, which allows customers to see design ideas and solutions more intuitively and allows customers to have their own imagination space to communicate with customers and promote the signing of orders.

Sketch masters are still very important in interior design. They can create, observe and modify 3D ideas too quickly and conveniently.

It depends on which one you are accustomed to. Of course, it is better to be proficient, but if you use Sketchup, you can add more creative elements of your own.

Sketchup Pro

SketchUp is an intuitive 3D modeling application that allows you to create and edit 2D, and 3D models using the patented “push and pull” method. Push-pull tools allow designers to extrude any plane into a 3D shape. All you have to do is click on an object and start pulling it until you see what you see.

SketchUp is a program used for a wide range of 3D modeling projects, such as architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and video game design, to name a few.

SketchUp has three different versions to meet different needs:

SketchUp Make: SketchUp Make is a free software version; you can download it after registering a free account. Make can be used for home, personal and educational purposes for free. It was initially a 30-day free trial version of SketchUp Pro.

SketchUp Pro: SketchUp Pro ($695) is the advanced version of the software. It contains added features such as import and export different file formats, access to 2D document software, layout tools, and a style generator that can create custom edge models.

SketchUp Free: Make, the successor of SketchUp Free, was released as a web-based application in November 2017. To use it, you must register for a free Timble ID with a valid email address.

Some designers who care about new technologies should have read the official introduction, and there are already many video tutorials on YouTube, demonstrating or commenting on new features. I also counted these videos. Except for two more classic commentaries, most of them are superficial. Why?

Because of the upgrade of SketchUp Pro 2020, it is to solve the scene management in large-scale engineering design and optimize the workflow of SketchUp & LayOut. Suppose you have not experienced the “baptism” of a complex project in your design practice. In that case, you will not understand the significance of this upgrade from the perspective of terminology changes and new features!

This is why SketchUp officially announced that the 2020 version is called “the rules of the game.” So, what game rules have SketchUp Pro 2020 changed? This is the point I want to share with you through this article! Therefore, before taking a comprehensive inventory of new features, I will interpret this “extraordinary change” for you from a global perspective.

The 2020 version of SketchUp Pro assigns more control to LayOut, adding new features and improving the interactivity of SketchUp & LayOut.

The BIM development of SketchUp undoubtedly poses a challenge to SketchUp’s past model management methods based on sketch concepts! When facing larger and larger scenes and more and more complex levels, SketchUp Pro 2020 version uses the show/hide model function of the outline list (Note: Too much to show/hide through the right-click menu, now directly click the icon in front of the name), Simplifies the model management of large scenes.

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