What is the purpose of productivity apps?

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Have you been thinking about what exactly productivity apps are designed to do? In short, what is their purpose? The purpose of productivity apps is to make mobile device users more satisfied and efficient in every part of the world they are by letting them access functions such as note taking, calendaring, to-do lists, and even reminder apps, word processing, spreadsheets, and also presentation software.
Mobile productivity apps are usually optimized for touch-based devices. With the advancement in the app development sector, viewing and editing files on devices has been extremely easy. If that’s not enough, some software companies are designing desktop productivity applications as mobile apps. One good example that you easily notice is Microsoft’s Office suite that is freely available for download for most of the IOS, Android, and even Windows phones and also tablets, but one will need an Office 365 subscription to enjoy a full functionality that is not limited to saving documents to OneDrive or SharePoint.

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Again, mobile productivity apps can be categorized as cloud storage and file-sharing services such as Dropbox and even Google Drive. These apps permit users to save their documents, photos, and even videos in the cloud and even synchronize them among different devices, thus making it easy to share with others.
In this article, we are going to discuss all you need to know about productivity apps. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this article!

what is the purpose of productivity apps

What are productivity apps?

This was to be our first area of discussion, right? Do you know what productivity apps are? If you have no idea of what they are, we will define them in a more short and easy to understand way. Productivity apps are apps that are majorly designed for mobile phones to make your work and personal tasks easier and more efficient to finish. You will notice that these apps can do so directly and also sometimes indirectly.

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Are you thinking that there are no productivity apps in your profession or even personal ambitions? If you are thinking so, then you are definitely wrong. Regardless of how complex your profession or personal ambitions or how simpler they might be, you will still find the right productivity software to help you reach your deadlines and desired goals.

Just imagine that from browser plugins to services that help you maintain important relationships, productivity apps are always available at your disposal. You should readily embrace these software programs to show that you are happy with their assistance in your day to day operations. After finding out how much we need these software programs in our daily chores, you should promote the invention of these applications by either campaigning or showing gratitude by leaving good feedback about these software programs from where you downloaded them, such as Play Store and even Windows Store. With much said, regarding what productivity apps are, we should move further to something else. What else do you want to know about these applications? Our next area of discussion is:

Productivity software definition and examples

What is productivity software? Can you list some of the productivity software programs if you are asked to do it? Well, if you have no idea of what it is and examples of productivity software programs, then keep reading. Productivity software is a program that allows a mobile, tablet, or computer user to perform important day-to-day tasks in an easier and fast manner. These software programs are like an assistant that helps make our tasks easier by participating. Some of the productivity software programs are Microsoft OneNote, Trello, Celoxis, WebWork Tracker, Paymo, calendar, Chanty and Quip, alarm, reminder, calculator, clock, Troop Messenger, Google docs, browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and even Opera Mini. Productivity software programs are available in large numbers that we cannot fully cover in this article.

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These software programs are categorized in several ways depending on what kind of work they make easy or efficient to the user. What are some categories of these programs? These programs can be categorized using the exact service they offer, such as communication, collaboration, healthy planning, navigating, designing, organizing, time tracking, distraction and focusing, researching, and even entertaining.

You will notice that even in one task, there will be tons and tons of productivity software programs that one can choose from. This can be based on which one you find easier to use or which one is more appealing to you as you work on your day-to-day tasks. You should only choose that particular productivity software program that you find to be meeting all your needs in the best way possible and that you enjoy using. You also understand how to perform all operations. Just think about the common apps that you cannot finish a day without using. Did you just think about the music software program? Well, it’s also listed among the productivity software programs.

Productivity software meaning

Just as earlier defined, productivity software aids in making your day-to-day tasks more efficient. Thus, it becomes easy for you to achieve your professional goals or even your personal ambitions within the shortest time possible. These software programs are primarily built to make tasks easier and faster. These tasks can be office-related, student-centered, or even those that any other ordinary person may need to get done. 

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However, most of these productivity software programs that are always built-in large numbers are majorly for office workers and students. This should not make you think that you will lack a productivity software program that helps in any other non-office work or student-related work. Office workers and even students usually have a long list of alternatives that they can choose from when it comes to productivity software programs. This is because many productivity software programs are always built for them.

In which area of your life or your routine, you have noticed that there is no productivity software program that helps you perform that given task? You will think of everything you may want to do or those that are important, and you will realize that there is productivity software that you can use to make it easier or faster.

Any software that aids you in achieving a certain goal that you can’t finish a day without doing is more likely to be considered as productivity software. You can now try listing down some of the software you frequently use, and you think that they are productivity software programs. This will help you understand deeply what exactly productivity software programs are. What are you waiting for? You can take a short break as you think of some of the programs you find to be productivity software.

20 uses for productivity apps

What are some of the uses of productivity apps? There are several tasks that we, as humans, do take daily, thus making productivity apps similarly perform several tasks. What are these tasks anyway? Well, we are going to list down 20 uses for productivity apps. Some of these uses are not limited to:

· File sharing- These programs help in sharing files such as documents, photos, and even videos with different people.

· Email marketing- These programs aid in email marketing of a given product, software, or anything that needs to be bought.

· Designing- These programs help in designing documents and many other things such as logos.

· Note-taking- These programs will easily allow you to take notes by using your mobile phone.

· Documentation- If you are writing down your views or any credentials, these programs will allow you to do exactly that.

· Being healthy- These programs provide you with tutorials on how you need to exercise.

· Distracting tools- These programs will help you get distracted for a moment to make yourself relieved from a given task.

· Focusing tools- These programs will help you increase your focus by playing some instrumentals.

· Project management- These programs have all you need for your project management, from the introduction to the conclusion part.

· Communication- These programs will allow you to easily communicate with each other regardless of where they are.

· Collaboration- These programs aid in ensuring you work as a team even if you are in different locations.

· Time tracking – These programs will track your time, and they also offer advanced features.

· Getting organized- These apps will ensure that your files are neatly organized.

· Improving habits- Which habit do you want to improve? Just think of it, and you will find a program that helps you.

· Navigating unknown areas- These programs will help you navigate areas using voices and maps.

· Touring a new area- These programs will let you visit tourist sites near you if you are in a new area.

· Entertainment- Love music and partying? These programs will offer you the best way possible you can stay entertained.

· Surveillance- These programs aid in surveillance, such as monitoring tasks or someone.

· Cooking- These programs provide you with the best practices on how to cook.

· Research- These programs will help you research about any information that you need to find.

Just as mentioned above, there are several other uses of productivity programs that we haven’t mentioned. All these uses range from the simplest operations that one can undertake to those that are too complex and demand a certain skill.

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A table summarizing the 20 uses for productivity apps

Below is a table that summarizes all the 20 uses for the productivity apps. In this table, you will be able to see the uses of a productivity app and the specific app that aids in that given task. With much said, let’s dive in and find more about it in the table.


Productivity Apps




Troop Messenger

Time tracking tools

Time Doctor, Paymo, Harvest, Toggl and Hubstaff

Project Management tools

Celoxis and Monday

Being Healthy


Data Entry

SwiftKey Keyboard and Dragon Naturally Speaking







Touring a new place

Google Maps


Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini

Getting organized



Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Editing videos


File Sharing

Google docs

Note taking






Job distribution




You should also note that there are several uses of productivity apps that have not been stated in the table. You can find more about the uses of productivity apps on your own.

Productivity applications examples

Earlier, we mentioned some examples of productivity applications. Here, we are going to discuss some of these applications together with their categories. This is more similar to what we have just done in the table above. Productivity applications include:

· Communication and Collaboration- These applications include Slack, Troop Messenger, Fleep, Chanty, Quip, GoToMeeting, and Calendar.

· Time Tracking tools – These applications include Time Doctor, Hubstaff, Toggl, Paymo, Harvest, actiTIME, WebWork Tracker and Kickidler

· Project Management Tools- These applications include Celoxis and Monday

· Being Healthy- RescueTime

· Focusing- Stayfocusd

· Data Entry- SwiftKey Keyboard and Dragon Naturally Speaking

· Job distribution- Todoist

· Planning- IFTTT

· Synchronization- Microsoft OneNote

· Organization-SaneBox

· Navigation-Google Maps

· Calculation- Calculator

Definitely, we cannot list down all the productivity software programs since they are nearly available for every task that we perform every day. You can find other examples of productivity software programs. Which of the productivity software programs mentioned above is new to you? Try looking for new productivity software programs since they will help you in every task that you do.

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Desktop and productivity applications available in the market

Now we leave the mobile or tablet applications alone and focus on some of the available desktop productivity applications that are currently available in the market. What are some of the desktop productivity applications that you know about? Well, there’s a number of desktop productivity applications that you need to know of. What are some of the common applications that you cannot finish in a day without using your personal computer? This varies with what you like doing, who you are, your age and many several things such as whether you are working in an office or if you are a student. However, there are some applications that are used by everyone frequently. Some of them include:

· Microsoft Words

· Excel

· Access

· Powerpoint

· Calendar

· Google Chrome

· Mozilla Firefox

· OneDrive

· OneNote

These are just a few common desktop productivity applications that you know of. The above-mentioned applications are still currently available in the market, and one can readily use them at their own will. What are some other desktop applications that you know of which you also think are productivity applications? These can be for studies, entertainment, work, or even planning events such as calendars and many more. These applications are always provided free, while some restrict some complex operations until you subscribe to their premium membership, which also do not cost you so much.

Advantages and disadvantages of productivity software

What are your opinions when it comes to discussing the advantages and disadvantages of productivity software programs? Can you say that they are good or they are bad? What are your reasons? Well, in this article, we are going to remain neutral by discussing both the advantages and disadvantages of productivity software programs. We will begin by discussing the advantages of these productivity software programs. Some of the known advantages include:

· They make tasks easier

· They make tasks done so fast

· They provide all the tasks that need to be done

· They organize all the tasks that should be done

· They help one plan his or her life in advance

· Most of these programs are very easy to use

· They can also make one improve a habit

With all said concerning the advantages of the productivity software programs, what are some of the known disadvantages of these programs that you know? Well, some of these disadvantages include:

· They make one lazy

· Some are bought

· Some of these programs are hard to use

· Some of these programs are slow, thus wastes time

· Some of these products requires a lot of installation space

· Some of these programs’ operations are limited until one subscribes at a given fee

What’s your opinion? Which one among the two sides do you think outdo the other? According to many people and studies done to determine whether it is good to use these productivity programs, these programs should be considered to be of importance to humans. Some of these programs perform operations in bulk such as Microsoft Excel, which can take so much time if done manually. All you should do is start to use productivity programs today and watch your tasks get accomplished within no time.

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Productivity tools

What do you understand when someone says productivity tools, or what can be your answer when one asks you to define productivity tools? Are these tools the same as productivity software programs? In a general view, a tool is defined as an item that makes work easier, right? Well, all you need to know is that productivity tools are mainly focused on fixing some problems that we experience every day in our life.

For instance, if you happen to travel to somewhere you have never been before, and you happen to don’t know where you should go to next, you will have to use Google maps that will help you find your current location and gives you all possible routes to your desired destination. Again, if you happen to meet someone that speaks a different language, such as Chinese or even Kiswahili, you can use the Google translator that will immediately translate the spoken language to that one that you clearly understand. This will help the situation without going the hard way of looking for a translator to translate all that is said.

What are some of the productivity tools that you know? Some of these tools can be applications such as calculator, voice recorder, and language translator software, Google maps, scanning software, messaging tools, and even data entry and editing software programs. These programs mainly focus on finding a solution to a problem that we can stumble on as we perform different activities every day. Human life is full of challenges that we need to overcome. This calls for the invention of more productivity applications that cover every aspect of our life. 

Since there’s nothing else that we should discuss in this article at this time, we’ll conclude and end our discussion at that point. You can also read other articles that talk about productivity apps in detail for you to grasp new things that are not mentioned here though this article has tried to explain all that one needs to know in detail.

Last Words

Everyone always wants to undertake his or her tasks in an easy and fast manner, right? People also always want all the problems that they run into every day are easily solved in an easy manner without delaying or going the harder way, isn’t that so? That’s why productivity applications were designed to aid in easing tasks and easy problem-solving. In this article, we have discussed in detail what productivity applications are, stated examples, stated advantages and disadvantages, and any important information that you need to know regarding productivity software programs. It’s clearly evident after keenly reading this entire article that productivity software programs are really necessary for our day-to-day operations.

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It’s also worth stating that productivity software programs should cover almost all aspects of human life, thus making life less difficult. You need to think about some areas in your life that you feel that you are weak and you need assistance in performing a task or overcoming a negative habit in your life, or even improving a good habit in your life. Find an appropriate productivity software program that will easily and interestingly work with you hand in hand in all that you want done. Good luck!

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