Is video editing fun?

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Does anyone just decide to edit movies for fun when he or she gets bored? And if that’s true, what do they do? If you are reading this article, that means you must be interested in finding out the answers to the above questions. Regardless of your situation, this article will narrow down to answer the question, is video editing fun?
Well, you won’t get a solid answer in this case. This is mainly because people’s lives aren’t a baking recipe that all will follow. Everyone is different; therefore, people will react differently in different situations. For instance, in our case, some may find video editing to be fun, while some also may feel that it’s so boring to edit videos.
With your question answered, I’m sure you would like to go deeper into this discussion, right? If so, let’s dive in!

Is video editing fun
Is video editing fun

10 Reasons Why Video Editing is Fun

Well, to those who find video editing to be fun, they have several reasons why they say so. We are going to list about 10 reasons why some people find video editing to be fun. Some of these reasons include:

· Some people colour-grade clips to make them have a new nice look

· Others like YouTube poop

· Others edit film trailers, making them explore new ideas

· Some revisit their old videos and change the tags, titles and descriptions

· Others just hit the fx settings after taking a picture and carelessly edit the clip to find out if they can make something interesting

· Some get their friends and write a script. Later they go out and shoot the script and then edit the footage into a movie

· Others find creating VHS style edits to be fun

· Others will download dope footage from YouTube and a nice song too and edit them

· Some people take footage of dancing and edit it with the latest trending song

· Others find fun editing comedy videos to make them more interesting

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10 Reasons Why Video Editing is not Fun

Just as mentioned earlier, people are so different. Same in our case, some people may hate or not find video editing fun due to some reasons. We are going to list some of the reasons why others may find video editing to be boring. Some of these reasons are not limited to:

· Some people see video editing as a task on its own

· Some people don’t have the time to edit the videos

· Others don’t know how to edit videos

· Some don’t find the videos edited to be funny

· Some people get tired as they edit the videos

· Others think that the videos they make are not interesting and will have negative reactions from viewers

· Some find redoing the clips over and over again to be daunting

· Others are worried about the reactions from the viewers

· Some videos are too long and take time to edit

· Video editing needs someone who is creative


What is the Best Video Editing Software for Funny YouTube Videos?

Do you want to make funny YouTube videos, and you’re thinking about the best software for the task? Well, creating funny YouTube videos definitely has very little to do with the software. All of it relies completely on being creative and a funny producer who has vision.

Sadly, you may have the most expensive editing software currently available in the top studios such as Hollywood and New York and still create a less impressive video. This is a problem that is affecting both high-end video editing companies and individuals who call themselves professionals.

It’s not strange to find someone ordinary; making a very funny video using Imovie and the views on the video shoots are high and also have very good feedback from viewers. Many people who know so much about video editing will always tell you a phrase that the tool is irrelevant.

Just to answer your question, there are a number of apps that will help you create funny YouTube videos, and we are going to list some of them. Best video editing for funny YouTube videos software tools are not limited:

· TikTok

· Memes Maker & Generator + Funny Video Meme Creator

· MadLipz

· Mematic – The Meme Maker

· America’s Funniest Home Videos

· Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects

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How to Make Funny YouTube Videos

All you have to do is so simple. You only need to use what you know best and what you can easily afford to get the project completed. You should cease worrying about the software you use but instead think more about the content in your videos. Some of the questions that should worry you are; does it flow? Is the pace good? Is the idea or script you’re working with good?

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that 90% of software tool features are rarely used. You should also think about asking a professional editor how many different wipes he or she uses in a week. The answer may be 2.

All these are based on telling stories using pictures and sound. If you’re looking for a funny YouTube video, then think of a funny idea. Later, make your actors funny, and then use any editing tool you can find easily.

Are you an aspiring video comedian? Well, it may not be easy creating quality content. There are many apps that will aid you in sharing some of your best and viral-worthy videos!

You must have realized that access to recording supplies and even content websites and platforms is easier than apps and phones, and the Internet is full of memes and funny videos. Do you have a good sense of humor and you’re also creative, and you want to make some funny videos, yet you don’t know exactly where to start? One of the best places that you can start from is watching videos on some of the funniest websites. For instance, you can check the content at and 9GAG. This will trigger you in coming up with your own ideas and making sketches or recording yourself.

I assume if you are reading this article, you must have been prepared to video edit. Well, you’ll need better tools for recording video and audio and also platforms for uploading. Many of the tools used are free and very user friendly for beginners. This should be a plus on your side if you’re on a fixed production budget.

Again, there are so many different formats that you can choose from when video editing to make your videos be even funnier. You can dub and even lip sync to video memes using captioning tools. After creating your funny videos, apps are great tools for sharing the video memes and start creating attention in your viewers out there. Do you know that your funny videos can also be used to help you in building your personal brands on your own web pages?

Is comedy your main worry? Well, you can start by writing and performing sketch comedy with a group of friends and listen to each feedback they will give. Are you so unsure where to start? You can start by writing prompts and other tasks that can be a way of motivating you and getting your content flowing. You should also know that most of the comedy and comedic TV shows are usually formed in a writer’s group; this should trigger you to consider getting your friends aboard with the script or even the recording.

You will later realize how fun it is spending time with fun people and friends and sharing great laughs together. Who knows? Your video might end up being listed as the top trending on YouTube!

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How to Make Video Editing Fun

Well, this may be a very difficult question to answer, but it still has answers. For instance, if you are editing a wedding video, you should go through all the footage and cut out everything that appears to be what you’re not going to need. Proceed by going through the whole footage again and only remain with the best footage.

The primary reason for doing this is to narrow down your selection significantly. All you have to do next is put the footage in the order you think it will end up. Like in our case, a wedding is always presented chronologically; this makes it so easy.

Well, now, video editing will be fun because you have the best footage, everything is in order, and what’s left is only focusing on good cuts, timing, feeling, music, and several others.

Final Words

Like everything has its flaws, there are also things that don’t make video editing fun, as earlier mentioned, but you only have to get through it. Video editing is also majorly based on creativity and not the most expensive video editing software tools. Find time, come up with something so funny, and viewers will never let it go without appreciation and positive feedback. What are you waiting for? Get down and begin thinking of ideas. Good luck and have fun!

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