Is The NZXT Streaming PC Worth It?

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If you can’t build a PC, then opting for the NZXT streaming PC might be a viable alternative. The emphasis is on building your own PC because NZXT BLD helps you assemble the parts, then charges more than you’d spend if you built the PC on your own.
The good thing about settling for an NZXT PC is the decent quality of the components used. Unlike many prebuilt systems that consist of generic parts, the NZXT streaming PC has branded components. This points to the sincerity of the NZXT build.
Another reason why the NZXT streaming PC is worth looking at is the opportunity to select parts that you want in the computer. Depending on your budget, you can choose the right parts for a truly awesome gaming experience.

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Is The NZXT Streaming PC Worth It?

Reasons why the NZXT streaming PC is worth it

While a lot of PC gamers have reservations regarding the NZXT streaming PCs, we still believe they are worth their hefty price tag – and here’s why:

  • Decent components

NZXT, unlike many other PC building outfits, uses average materials in building their streaming PCs. Prebuilt computers might be notorious for their generic parts, but not these units from NZXT. And with the use of modest materials, you can expect a good enough PC.

  • Customized

Before the NZXT streaming PC is built, you’ll need to choose specific components that you’d like to see in your prebuilt system. 

The PC building platform requires you to select the game you’d like to play on the new PC, and they offer the ideal parts for the smoothest of gameplay. This way, you are getting a PC with the parts that you choose, which is contrary to what you’d get in regular prebuilt units. 

  • Uses the right hardware

It isn’t about just high-level components; they have to be the right parts as well; else the PC won’t work smoothly. For instance, the NZXT streaming PC consists of a modular power cord, so it’s less likely to create clutter problems. 

The NZXT streaming PC is an average rig, as seen by its interesting array of attributes.


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Reasons why the NZXT streaming PC is not worth it

Every product, including the NZXT streaming PC, has attributes that might make them a hard sell. For the prebuilt PC, here are the reasons why getting the computer might not be a wise choice:

  • Expensive

The NZXT streaming PC doesn’t come cheap. You’ll spend more on getting the prebuilt system compared to the cost of building it yourself. Yes, the quality isn’t a mess, but paying more for such a service when you can couple these parts together on your own might not be a wise decision.

  • Hard to resell

In an attempt to market their brand through their products, NZXT places its unsightly logos on the cases. And if you intend to resell the streaming PC later, it might affect the price you’d get. 

  • Upgrades don’t come cheap.

When the need arises to upgrade your NZXT streaming PC, get ready to be dazzled by the cost of the parts. Compared to other building sites, NZXT is right up there with the most expensive to upgrade. 

NZXT Streaming PC Review 2020

Not sure what to expect in the NZXT streaming PC? We have got you covered. Here’s a review of the prebuild, so you can make an informed buying decision:

  • Impressive FPS

With the NZXT streaming PC, you can play games and stream videos at astonishing frames per second. This is due to the use of a reputable CPU and GPU. 

Depending on your selection, the prebuilt system comes equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU and a GEFORCE RTX 3060 TI. 

The CPU is an octa-core processor with a processing speed of up to 3.6Hz. The interchange between both high-end processing units results in an outstanding frame rate. 

  • Operationalize capacity

To ensure fluidity in its operation, the NZXT streaming PC uses a Vulcan Z 3200MHz RAM. The computer is packed with two 8GB RAM, which should suffice for entry-level gaming and streaming needs. 

  • Storage capacity

The latest games typically require your gaming PC to have a large storage capacity, so it’s no surprise that this NZXT streaming prebuild has a 1.0 TB M.2 SSD. 

The good thing about the choice of storage space is it helps the PC run smoother while offering ample storage capacity. Unfortunately, the SSD choice in this streaming PC isn’t a top tier one. Claims of memory loss involving this specific SSD have been reported. 

  • Miscellaneous

The prebuild comes stream-ready, so there’s no need to go through the harrows of getting any third-party apps or hardware to stream your content. 

Is The NZXT Streaming PC Good?

This will depend on what you intend to use it for. If it’s entry-level gaming and streaming, the NZXT prebuild is a decent choice. Anything else, and you’re pushing your luck. 

Aside from the processing units, the other components of the NZXT streaming PC leave a lot to be desired. If you intend to play demanding games, get ready to be disappointed. 

The NZXT streaming PC’s motherboard is an MSI B450 Tomahawk, which is pretty average. It doesn’t match the chipset, LAN speed, and other capabilities of the popular ASUS X570 TUF motherboard. 

Another drawback of the NZXT streaming PC is that it uses the Seasonic S1211 power unit to cater to its power needs. Unfortunately, the S1211 isn’t up to the challenge. NZXT BLD erred in the use of this power unit for its streaming PC. 

In an attempt to maximize profit, NZXT deployed the notorious M.2 Intel 660p 1TB SSD. The storage drive is reputed to be at a higher risk of memory loss, which could jeopardize your use of the computer. 


This is NZXT’s PC building service that offers prospective PC gamers the opportunity to get a premium prebuild that can play their favorite games at their preferred performance settings. 

To ensure that you pick the right parts, the NZXT BLD requires you to select a benchmark game. Also, you’ll need to put in your budget; then, the BLD platform will generate the most compatible PC based on your submissions. 

NZXT promises to deliver the PC within 48 hours of payment. The problem with this promise is that those in charge of assembling the components parts only care about beating the timeline, not the stability of the computer. In the end, users get poorly assembled PCs as most complaints are linked to the lackluster setup process.  

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NZXT Streaming PC Fortnite FPS

Looking for an NZXT prebuild that’s capable of playing Fortnite? By selecting the game and the performance settings using the NZXT BLD, you are certain the assembled PC will be capable of playing Fortnite seamlessly. 

The NZXT streaming PC has the right parameters to play Fortnite, but the performance differs with resolution. While NZXT guarantees a minimum of 175 FPS at 1080p for a game of Fortnite, opting for a higher 1044p reduces the FPS to about 122FPS.

It’s no surprise that the NZXT streaming PC can play Fortnite as the rig is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor and its GeForce RTX 3060 TI GPU. This mix of processing units ensures that you can get a decent FPS while playing Fortnite. 

PC Part Picker

Nothing beats building your PC, and that’s where PC Part Picker comes in. The platform has gained quite a following for helping DIY PC builders assemble a selection of components for their dream PC. 

PCPartPicker also does compatibility checks of components you’re looking to use, reducing the chances of performance issues in the PC build. 

Many have questioned how an automated tool, which is what PCPartPicker uses, can accurately tell what components are compatible and those that aren’t. 

Yet, the platform remains undefeated in the accuracy of its checks. While PCPartPicker isn’t perfect, their compatibility checking process is largely defined by information provided by manufacturers. 

It’s not rocket science that this automation tool is pretty accurate most times in compatibility assessment checks. In situations where they falter, it’s likely due to flawed information from the manufacturer or a total lack of such valuable information. 

Besides running compatibility checks, PC Part Picker helps users compare prices of components across different retail stores. This way, you can get valuable components at a cheaper price.

Another reason why PCPartPicker is reputed in these parts is they provide PC builders with the opportunity to exchange information relevant to finding the right list of components for a fantastic build.

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Gaming/Streaming PC

While a gaming PC can be used for streaming, the requirements might differ a little. 

Gaming PCs depend largely on the graphics processing unit of your computer, so a high-end gaming rig is expected to have a powerful GPU. 

This is not the same expectation for a streaming PC. For a PC to handle both gaming and streaming, it has to rely on the exchange of information between the CPU and the GPU. 

Live streaming of gameplay is a complicated process consisting of recording, editing, and visual rendering. Due to these different aspects of the live streaming process, a streaming PC puts more pressure on the processor than it does on the GPU. 

To get around this dependence on the CPU, many PC gamers use the OBS studio. The software moves the burden from the CPU to the GPU. 

Though the extra workload might put the GPU under serious strain, but since most gaming PCs have massive graphics cards, they’re up to the challenge. 

Not all computers are capable of handling live streaming and gaming, but there are those built specifically for both tasks, and the NZXT streaming PC belongs in that category. 

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NZXT Starter PC

For those on a tight budget but desirous of a prebuilt gaming PC, the NZXT Starter PC series might be worth considering. This series isn’t at the level of the NZXT streaming PC, but it does hold its own. 

NZXT Starter PC series consists of three variants, each having different specifications. Here are three options in the series:

The Starter PC 

This uses an Intel Core i3-9100F quad-core processor with an overclock speed of up to 3.6GHz. The graphics card is the 4GB GeForce GTX 1650, which helps the FPS. Due to the CPU and GPU used, the Starter PC is not capable of handling gaming and live streaming at the same time. 

With its 8GB RAM, the Starter PC might be incapable of playing certain games, like the heavy-duty Cyberpunk 2077 at a decent resolution. 

Depending on your use of the computer, the 512GB M.2 SSD storage capacity of the NZXT Starter PC might be sufficient. 

Regardless of the inadequacies of this gaming PC, NZXT BLD has made it easy to replace underwhelming parts, so you can always upgrade the PC, so it matches your preferences. 

The Starter Plus PC

It is an improvement on its sibling, The Starter PC. This prebuild unit uses an Intel Core i5-9400F 6-Core processor with a clock speed of 2.9 GHz. You’ll feel the effect of the improvement in processor capability on the FPS. 

The graphics card of the NZXT Starter Plus is a 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super, which suggests a slight improvement on the Starter PC can be expected. 

This option of the NZXT Starter PC is equipped with 16GB RAM, so it’s more likely to handle memory load better. However, its 512 M.2 SSD storage capacity isn’t any different from the Starter PC. 

Starter Pro

NZXT BLD deploys an Intel Core i5-9400F 6-Core processor with a clock speed of 2.9 GHz in this variant of its Starter series. 

You can expect better FPS with this prebuild. Unlike the previous options, the Starter Pro PC uses a Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card. 

While the use of the Radeon GPU might be considered a boost considering the capacity of this GPU compared to those in the other variants, the use of an Intel processor might limit its potential. 

This Starter PC unit comes with a 1TB M.2 SSD, which is significant. 

The Starter Plus and Starter Pro variants are stream-ready, so you can start streaming right from the get-go. 

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The NZXT streaming PC is a decent prebuild if you can’t spare a few hours to build your PC. It can remain evergreen with a few upgrades from time to time. 

However, like any business, NZXT BLD is all about profit-making, so a significant number of the components used in making the NZXT streaming PC are below par considering the cost of the unit.

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