Is Switching From Console to PC Worth It?

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This depends on your situation. If you have the latest console, switching to a PC might be an extravagant choice to make; remember, the cost of a modest gaming PC is at least twice the price of the latest console.
Yet, gaming PCs are more flexible to use. You can get your preferred controller for playing specific games. From keyboard and mouse to joysticks, guitar, and others, a gaming PC works with them all.
Another reason why a gaming PC might be worth the cost is its adjustable graphical settings – that’s not something you can do on a console, even the latest ones.

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Is Switching From Console to PC Worth It?
Is Switching From Console to PC Worth It?

Switching From Console To PC Fortnite

Thinking about switching from a console to a gaming PC to play Fortnite? It’s certainly not a bad idea. 

Fortnite runs smoother on a gaming PC compared to what you’d get on a console. Of course, you will only experience this level of fluidity if your PC is capable of hitting about 100+ frame rate. 

Initially, switching to a gaming PC from a console might come with some level of discomfort. 

Much of this discomfort is due to the use of a keyboard and mouse controller instead of the joystick found on the console. If you can’t wait out this annoying phase, you can always get a joystick.

Regardless, the benefits of the mouse and keyboard outweigh its cons; you just have to get used to them. 

Another issue that comes to the surface when you make that switch to a gaming PC is the cross-platform compatibility. Gaming buddies still stuck on the console might experience glitches. 

While Fortnite supports multiple gaming platforms like the PC, console, and mobile devices, players might experience issues during gameplay, often due to the gadgets used. 

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Reasons To Switch From Console To PC

Not sure if you should make the switch to a gaming PC? Here are the reasons why it’s worth considering:

  • Flexible graphical settings

Unlike that of the console, the graphical settings of the gaming PC are not set in stone – you can change them using your mouse and keyboard. You’ll find this immensely beneficial as you have full control of the graphical appearance of the games. 

  • Higher frame rates

It’s an open secret that the highest frame rates are possible with the PC, not the console. So if you’re looking to play AAA titles on a high frame rate, then you know the gaming PC will serve you better. 

  • More controllers available

While the console can be controlled using the joystick only, gaming PCs are more accommodating. You can use just about any controller – joystick, keyboard & mouse, or similar – on the PC. 

  • Supports backward compatibility

Not all consoles can handle backward compatibility, and those that do tend to have restrictions to what older games they can play. For instance, Sony’s PlayStation 5 supports backward compatibility for only its predecessor, the PS4. 

With a gaming PC, true backward compatibility is experienced. You can play games from years ago without any hiccups in gameplay. 

Switching From Console To PC FPS

Consoles, even the latest ones, don’t compare to high-end gaming PCs in the graphics department, and this is largely connected to the frames per second (FPS) rate. 

Many powerful gaming computers are known to have high FPS, reaching as much as 100 framerates. You won’t get these figures on a console, no matter how highly regarded such a gaming setup might be. 

A high-end gaming PC owes its FPS to the interchange of information between two core components: the GPU and CPU. Both components need to be quite powerful for a healthy exchange of information – that reflects on the FPS – to take place. 

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Transition From Console To PC

Making that switch from a console to a gaming PC can be game-changing – and that’s putting it literally. It might not be at the same level as someone going from being color blind to seeing colors, but the differences are there, right in your face. 

The gains of making the switch to a gaming PC from a console are certainly pleasant, but it comes with sacrifices. Consoles, no matter how expensive they might be, are only a fraction of a high-end gaming PC. And if you plan on building a customized rig, like most true gamers tend to do, you need to have deep pockets. 

If you intend to move to a gaming PC, remember that the keyboard and mouse constitute the standard controller you’ll get. It will take a long learning curve to get used to them, but it’s certainly worth the effort. And should you prefer the joystick, you can always get one for the PC as, unlike the console, multiple controllers are supported. 

Regardless of what the console fanboys have to say, making the switch to a gaming PC has more perks than cons. From the adjustable graphics settings to its higher framerates, a gaming computer is miles ahead of the different consoles. 

PC VS Console

Pitting a high-end gaming PC against the latest console is akin to comparing a cat with a tiger. They might have similar functions, but their capabilities are worlds apart. 

As far as graphical capabilities are concerned, high-end gaming PCs bring a gun to a battle of knives, which explains why they do a better job in bringing gameplay to life. Though Sony and Microsoft continue to release new installments of their different consoles, it’ll take a miracle for these to beat what’s obtainable in a high-end gaming PC.

Another fact that supports the triumph of the PC over consoles is its compatibility with different controllers. Unlike the console where you can only use a joystick, gaming PCs are open-minded, with joysticks, keyboard, and mouse all supported. 

The fate of consoles isn’t helped by the strangulating hold both Microsoft and Sony have on what games are playable on their devices. 

Gamers looking to enjoy an avid collection of games will be dismayed by the few titles available to the console. 

PC gamers don’t have to worry about that as there are many games obtainable on gaming computers and nowhere else. 

The underbelly of the gaming PC is its huge cost. Gaming rigs that can rival the latest consoles don’t come cheap. High-end gaming PCs cost twice the price of the latest consoles. If you opt to build using customized top-shelf components, get ready to splash the cash. 

Is PC Gaming Worth It 2020?

Still skeptical about getting a gaming PC in 2020? It’s okay to struggle in making that choice. Your situation will mostly decide if a gaming PC is a worthwhile investment. Should you intend to do a lot more than play games, then a gaming PC is a better choice. It can be used for work whenever the need arises. 

Are you tired of constantly getting the latest console just to keep up? Then a gaming PC will serve your interest. With the graphical capabilities of gaming PCs and the innovative nature of its other components, you won’t have to upgrade often to enjoy the best gaming experience. 

Another reason why gaming computers are worth it would be the large pool of games available. If you opt for a PC, you can access an array of games that aren’t available to console gamers. And there’s also the opportunity to play modded games, which is quite fun, by the way.

While console fanboys might claim the PC’s mouse and keyboard aren’t comfortable to operate, they forget( or just prefer not to mention) that the computer supports the use of a joystick. If you don’t like the idea of playing games with the keyboard and mouse, you can use a joystick. 

The gaming PC isn’t infallible despite its many perks. If you’re thinking about getting the gaming computer, then expect an increase in your energy bill – those amazing specs have a dark side.

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Reasons Why The Gaming PC Is Worth It

Xbox and PlayStation fanboys might have their reasons for pledging their allegiance to either of the consoles, but deep down, they know the gaming PC remains the king. 

Not sure why the gaming PC is the undefeated champion? Here are a few reasons the gaming PC might never be conquered:

  • Customizable 

Compared to the console, gaming PCs are easier to personalize. Frankly, you can build a gaming rig from scratch – and create a gaming machine you’d be proud of. 

  • Pliable to the core

Flexibility is loud in the gaming PC. You can alter the graphical settings as you deem fit.

  • Compatible with many controllers

The gaming PC supports a myriad of controllers, so you can choose what you are comfortable with, especially as it concerns playing certain games. 


Reasons Why It’s Not Worth Getting A Gaming PC

The gaming PC is not all roses, as the computer has its fair share of woes. Below are some reasons why you might want to think thrice about getting a gaming PC:

  • Get ready for a hefty energy bill

Gaming computers use more power than many electronic gadgets. If you intend to run the PC for long durations, then get ready to set aside a significant amount of money for your energy bill. 

  • You won’t like the price tag

Gaming PCs are expensive to purchase. The price of the average gaming PC is higher than any of the latest consoles. And if you intend to build your PC from scratch, you might pay more, depending on the components you opt for. It’s certainly not for the faint at heart.

  • Constantly worry about specs

Since gaming PCs differ in their specifications, it’s all on you to pick the computer with the right attributes. One wrong choice and you might end up with a PC that’s not able to play games at your preferred frame rate. 

This isn’t something you have to worry about in a console. 

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Switching From Console To PC Reddit

With the many pitfalls of the latest consoles and the ones that precede them, more people are turning over to the PC. However, here are a few tips for navigating the murky waters of PC gaming:

  • Sift through the endless pool of games

Consoles might have great AAA titles, but the gaming PC has an edge in its large pool of games. PC gamers have the opportunity to play open-source games and a host of other titles that aren’t available to console users. 

It’s worth noting that streaming platforms like Steam and Twitch have caused a spike in game production and sales. But you shouldn’t buy every game on sale, else you’d regret it. 

Due to the decentralized pricing of PC games, there’s a lot of cheap games available, but don’t get tempted to purchase such as you might never play them.

  • Multiple controllers compatibility raise pertinent questions

There’s a lot of emphasis on how difficult it is to use the keyboard and mouse to play games on the PC. Yet, many gamers forget the computer is compatible with a wider range of controllers, resulting in a better gaming experience. 

This isn’t possible on the next-gen consoles where joysticks are the only available controllers. 

With the PC’s compatibility with multiple controllers, you might have a hard time deciding what to use – Dualshock joystick or keyboard and mouse -in playing specific games. 

Some games tend to be easier with a joystick than a keyboard and mouse. Sometimes, it’s also down to personal choices. In the end, just try to opt for the controller that gets you to enjoy the game.

  • Driver updates aren’t always a good thing

As much as we like to update drivers to the latest version, some updates might spell doom for your gaming experience. It’s okay to want to install the latest driver update but apply caution.


The gaming PC is head and shoulders above the console. You shouldn’t hesitate to make that switch to a gaming rig. However, remember that the computer, like everything else, has its share of pitfalls, but these are few and far between, so always choose the lesser evil.

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