Is RescueTime trustworthy?

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Being a better professional requires efficiency and rigor. But these qualities will ultimately only be tools for accomplishing great projects. While it is useful to conduct yourself, knowing your habits allows you to identify your weak points. So many margins of progress to be able to focus on the most important. Well, imagine that software can help you with this process.

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The idea behind Rescue Time

Rescue Time, which is software that will follow your computer’s activity: how much time you devote yourself to writing in Word, consulting your emails or websites. A summary table is available from your personal account, with the statistics of your work.

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Is RescueTime trustworthy

10 reasons why RescueTime is safe/ trustworthy 

Your data is usually encrypted in transit. All requests with the RescueTime web app and client apps are encrypted with current best practice SSL configurations. Your information is usually encrypted at rest. All of our storage uses volume encryption.

Pricing and Plans

Rescue Time offers two tiers of service: Lite (free) and Premium ($9 per month or $72 per year).  Click this affiliate link to get RescueTime.

Rescuing some time

To reiterate, RescumeTime may be a productivity tool in the sense that it can help you improve your time-management skills. It collects data about the apps and websites you employ, then generates reports supporting that information.

Additional Features

Much of the worth you get from RescueTime comes from what you create of the info and how you employ that information to influence your own behavior. Changing behavior is challenging, but acquiring rich insights doesn’t need to be.


I’ve used RescueTime for years, and I don’t check my productivity reports during the day. I prefer to let the service run within the background so that once I do want to gain a far better picture of how I have been spending my time, a fair amount of data is awaiting me.


When faced with RescueTime’s proposition, We’ll track everything you are doing and provide you with insights about your habits! Some people may, justifiably, worry about their privacy and, therefore, the security of data on their hardware.

Protect Your Productive Time

RescueTime is an impressive tool for anyone who wants to monitor their time. Whether it’s a Twitter habit, you would like to kick or otherwise, you just want insights into your routines and time-management skills, this is often the tool for you.

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Is RescueTime application safe to use for time tracking when I access my machine by installing it?

Time management is an essential element for many people. Certainly, we all have busy lives, but the more we can maximse our time, the more time we will have for all things in life. That said, it is up to each individual how efficient they are in the time they have at their disposal. Fortunately, there are a lot of applications that make it easy to calculate the time we spend on different tasks in our digital lives and record the data based on the information collected. RescueTime is such a handy web application that you can use to make the best use of every second of your day. It allows you to track the time spent on various activities, such as the applications you use, the sites that you browse, and the files you access the most.

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RescueTime divides each of your activities into different categories, including but not limited to Business, News & Opinion, Communication & Scheduling, Social Media, etc.

To get started with RescueTime, you need to sign up for an account (free and paid subscriptions are available) and download and install the Rescue Time client on your computer.

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Is Rescue time safe?

“Waste less time and obtain more with Rescue Time, an excellent time-management tool that gives intelligent insights into how you spend your time. It’s one amongst the most useful productivity apps we’ve ever tested.” – PC Mag.

Rescue Time for Android is an automatic productivity and time tracker that helps you understand, monitor and control the time spent on your Android device. 

Rescue Time automatically tracks application usage on your Android device and a microcomputer (with the free rescue Time desktop app) to administer a full and accurate picture of how you spend some time. Activities are automatically categorized by productivity level, so you’ll be able to see how your phone usage impacts your day, work patterns, and overall focus. (Privacy options allow you to control exactly what gets tracked.)

Whether you wish to chop hours or minutes from your daily screen time, RescueTime for Android can help. Get an accurate view of what proportion of time you’re spending on your Android device day after day, so set custom screen time goals supported by your targets. We’ll notify you in real-time if you reassess. RescueTime’s Focus Time feature allows you to dam distracting websites after you need time to focus.

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Rescue Time installs a program on your computer, monitors the programs you utilize, and updates those with an Internet server. You enter on your user Dashboard and tag the programs with the kind of activity you perform with the reported programs. After you tag them, you’re done – from that time forward, RescueTime associates that program with that activity.

The webpages you visit are handled much the same way. for example, if you see this blog, you’ll tag it as “blog reading” and “personal development.”

So, what happens to all or any of that information? It’s compiled, and delightful graphs are outputted that shows where you’ve been spending time (much just like the one used above) -update: I attempted to embed a chart from my dashboard, but I kept getting 404’s from RescueTime. I’ll try and get that fixed because the map is informative). Other nifty reporting features include the flexibility to assign point values to activities – i.e., writing, as an educational and as a blogger, is perhaps the foremost valuable thing I do, and Internet surfing one amongst the smallest amount useful – in order that you have got beautiful charts that show you productive ways you’re supported with the volume of the activities you’ve been performing.

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Is Rescue Time free?

It is a web-based time management and analytics tool for those who would like to be more efficient and productive. It prevents distractions and possibilities of becoming scattered in your digital life. It runs securely within your computer background while keeping track of time spent on applications and websites, providing you with a transparent depiction of your day.

RescueTime is additionally an honest tool when it involves keeping track of your precious time online. It monitors every website you visit and also the apps you utilize. And most importantly, it tracks what amount of time you spend on each of them. It automatically categorizes the majority of the apps and sites you operate on a productive or destructive level. You’ll always map various sites in line with your requirements. It gives very detailed stats weekly and shows precisely how you spend it online. It also helps you to align weekly productivity goals and reduce unproductive time spend. It seamlessly works within the background and tracks time on your PC and Mobile. RescueTime free version is enough for most users. A real-time notification would be helpful. RescueTime pro version could even be slightly costly.

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RescueTime review

Rescue Time’s activity-tracking capabilities provide an accurate picture of how someone or a team works daily. The technology can monitor the precise amount of time spent in an application, website, and even down to a specific document.

Groups that use RescueTime can measure each team member’s activities. This way, project leaders can figure out if a person is being idle at work and not contributing their best because of the others.

Since RescueTime is also a time-management app, it doesn’t stop merely recording time spent in programs or webpages. The software also has tools to help users stay focused on their deliverables, like goal-setting properties and task-tracking attributes. Distracting websites are often blocked to avoid idle Internet surfing. Users can set alarms per task to visit to know if a specific activity is consuming longer than what was initially allotted for it.

RescueTime is flexible enough to supply different knowledge types – from down-to-the-minute detailed reports to condensed summaries. A task is categorized, so each project is customized. Offline activities like meetings, phone calls, and commuting times can even be factored in. Productivity levels are often measured and assigned.

Rescue time privacy 

Your privacy is essential, and it is vital to us that you have control over what data ends up in our system. Here are a couple of ways whereby you’ll limit the time that’s logged or remove logged time that you would rather not have.

You can schedule RescueTime to only record at certain times during the day. By default, RescueTime will record all of the time on the pc. Suppose you’re only curious about logging time for a particular part of the day (work hours, for example). In that case, you’ll find that a monitoring schedule and RescueTime will automatically stop logging outside of your specified times.

You can ignore and delete any of your logged time.

It’s relatively easy to delete time for an activity. Simply browse to the detail page for a selected activity and search for the green button that says “edit activity.” Or, from any list view of an activity, click the edit icon that appears once you run your mouse over the table row, then search for the “delete” options.

For those who use RescueTime or some other task-tracking software, what kind of numbers are you seeing?

What percentage of your workday is productive?

Mine can be all over the place. On a good week, I’ll have several days around 90% productivity and a couple of days closer to 70%. I end up averaging around 80%. (That’s just the time I’m at my computer working. About 6 hours–not the whole day). Good days are around 60%, and bad days are about 40%. The days are usually shorter, too.

I set goals based on outdoing myself, not anyone else, but I’m still wondering how productive the average person is (and how productive the average person who thinks about things like productivity is).

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Rescue time Vs. Freedom

Freedom seems more potent as far as monitoring Internet and distractions in general. But, it has one fundamental weakness: it cannot whitelist websites or applications.

RescueTime features a friendly free version.  The paid version is extremely expensive. It doesn’t make it worthwhile for me. There’s another lovely app called focus: Steal back your productivity is their address. That does the blocking at a lower price. I feel the focus is usually more substantial than the other two. It also supports shell scripting, which is excellent if you would like to fine-tune your system.

Look freedom is an app developed to patch purchase requests. If you download an app from 3rd party servers, Google suffers the loss. Whereas once you crack in-app purchases, it develops custom receipts, so the app thinks we’ve purchased the content. To be more technical, it manipulates coding and returns the condition to correct.

RescueTime Lite

Everybody wants to be more productive lately, and we tend to try all sorts of things to achieve that. We attempt to create schedules, log our time, but sometimes it just doesn’t compute. The tool that we are referring to can help you achieve more productivity by letting you analyze your activity on your computer. RescueTime Lite may be a free tool that tracks time on your computer then provides you with useful insights.

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Rescue Time Lite Review

This free time tracking online tool is out there in both free and premium options. This post covers only those features that are a part of the Lite (free) variant. To use the tool, you’ll need to create an account on RescueTime.

The tool is straightforward to use and straightforward to line up. Once downloaded, you would like to check-in using your RescueTime account. Once logged in, the device will quietly sit within the system tray and track time spent on different applications. There’s no GUI or any interface intrinsically. You’ll access the tool only from the system tray. It gives you a choice to pause it or stop it altogether.


Unlike some of the reviews you are used to reading, I’m not going to be sharing the features of RescueTime. It is a simple app that you can install on your phone or laptop and let it do its magic. There are a few advanced hacks and uses that you can easily read from the RescueTime documents.

RescueTime has a concept of focus time that you can enable anytime for any duration, and it will block all the distracting websites. Using Slack will also automatically add your status as busy so that your remote team knows you are in the flow state.

It will help you in time-management and time-tracking; over time, it will help you understand the value of time.

After all, we have only 3276 hours in a month to achieve our goals.

It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO of a company or an entry-level digital marketer; by optimizing your time, you would be ahead of yourself.

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