Is PeopleSoft easy to learn?

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Oracle PeopleSoft ERP is an on-premises ERP designed to provide end-to-end business process management and support services to enterprises, starting with administrative functions such as human resources and financial management, followed by logistics chain management.

The strong point of PeopleSoft ERP has always been Human Capital Management (or HCM), an important area for many companies as they need to recruit, manage and develop the best talents in a highly competitive market.

Designed to be an on-premises system, Oracle PeopleSoft can run in Windows, Linux, UNIX, and IBM mainframe environments.

PeopleSoft ERP includes several broad functional categories, namely:

Human capital management: these functions revolve around HR policies and reports capable of taking into account local regulations and customs in each of the countries where the company has employees.


Is PeopleSoft easy to learn
Is Peoplesoft easy to learn

10 reasons why PeopleSoft is easy to learn


You need to specialize in 75% of your development skills and 25% in functional skills. For development skills, “PeopleSoft Online Library” is taken into account to be the Bible. But, because it isn’t easy to know what the Bible says, it applies to People’s books.

Get Oracle technical tutorial book – If you’re employed with Cognizant, you should find it in your knowledge database (hope there’s one). Otherwise, reach bent your seniors who must have saved the soft copy since their learning days.

The adage in PeopleSoft/IT industry, you learn by practical work. Thus, attempt to participate in as many projects as to realize the exposure.

For functional understanding, few good books are available, but you ought to prefer building skills in basic accounting first, then learn accounting entries which are created at each point of transaction.

Once you’re comfortable, start learning configuration. You ought to be twiddling with the demo environment. You ought to always be asking why PeopleSoft behaves in a particular manner.

Once you’ve understood the fundamentals for specific problems – keep about Oracle Support site.

Don’t ever leave technical skills. Albeit you become PM, keep contributing towards the technical development, a minimum of as solution architect.

10 reason why not easy to learn


Define “learn” and define “proficient enough.” 🙂 As with anything, the answer is “it depends.” It depends on how you’re learning, and it depends on how committed you are; it depends on what level of “consulting” a customer needs.

The project had lots of consultants on it who were, and it was able to absorb me and my lack of proven skills. To focus on one area (envision) where it could be productive for the project while picking up everything else I wanted/needed to know. That project lasted 8 months.

PeopleSoft includes 2 paths,

  1. Technical 

  2. Functional

Decide which area you want to grow in?

Usually, to become a good consultant in PeopleSoft, it took years. But if you grasp all the relationship and core concepts of PeopleSoft, it might take less time.



How long does it take to learn PeopleSoft?


PeopleSoft course took 3 weeks of learning. PeopleSoft is large, but as a fresher to start with, I found it cumbersome to use people’s books. People’s books are still a superb choice, but from the question, I feel you’re a beginner, so I will be able to attempt to answer from my experience once I started.

Theoretical knowledge doesn’t help much aside from clearing interviews, but basics are an absolute must because it allows you to imagine varied components’ workings. Attempt to install PeopleSoft on your laptop. It’s more comfortable now with the DPK method, where the components installation is automated. You’ll get to enter your options like the location of install, DB name, etc., in PowerShell. Try navigating to the recruitment module and now make use of an individual’s books.

Compare the pages and check out various options, as described in people’s books. Once you’re comfortable with the functionality part, start brooding how this is often made the possible ego—a specific page.

Open it in the application designer and see the underlying code. People code is straightforward to find out once you begin seeing how it works by using the PIA and making various application designers’ changes.



Where do I learn PeopleSoft for HRMS?


PeopleSoft HRMS training will help make you an expert in creating applications through the PeopleSoft HRMS package. It will enable you to learn concepts of PeopleSoft internet architecture, application designing, component interface, workflow, etc. You will also have the opportunity to work on two real-time projects during this training, which will help you clear the PeopleSoft HRMS Certification Exam.

HRMS Course Objectives

After the completion of PeopleSoft HRMS preparing at Tekslate, our course members will have the option to

Get an overview of PeopleSoft’s Internet architecture and its key components.

Understand the functionality of HRMS applications and HRMS modules.

Understand the types of relational database tables that are used in PeopleSoft HRMS.

Operate process scheduler and reporting tools.

Explore PeopleSoft HRMS applications using various navigation methods.

Many top multinationals are using PeopleSoft HRMS.

Due to the high demand for PeopleSoft HRMS professionals, there are numerous job opportunities available worldwide.

A PeopleSoft HRMS professional earns USD 95,944 on average per year.

PeopleSoft HRMS professionals are getting high salaries compared to professionals working on other technologies.



Where can I learn how to use PeopleSoft for free.


As far as learning cares, People Books has far richer and a huge amount of data about PeopleSoft in any version (The newest Version is PeopleSoft 9.2). People Books is developed and updated by Oracle. It contains information about technical and functional areas of the appliance. I highly suggest it over YouTube.

The complexity of any install of this Product YouTube and PS classes are about it. On top of that, there are numerous possible customizations beyond basic look and feel. I’m not all that sure that such training would do much. If you’re watching programming, PS classes would be best.

How to learn the ins and outs of Peoplesoft? 


You don’t hear of PeopleSoft quite the maximum amount as you are doing of its main competitor, but make no mistake, it’s still running in countless enterprises, government departments, and academic institutions across Canada. For instance, Canada’s Department of Justice, counting around 5,500 employees, uses PeopleSoft’s Human Resources Management System, and far of the general public sector for years.


Some organizations use only the HCM PeopleSoft applications, while others might buy the whole suite, including supply-chain management, procurement, billing, automation software, etc. It’s an end-to-end enterprise system.

Scarcity and salaries rise together.

It’s no easy task to manage 5,500 employees, including virtually every business process, in one platform; people with a spread of PeopleSoft skills are in high demand. The salaries are often very high, especially since in both large enterprises and government departments, the system has become ingrained over a few years of use.

What is PeopleSoft


PeopleSoft’s high-quality integrated application solutions include human resource management HRMS, customer relationship management CRM, financial management, enterprise performance management, and portal network solutions.

PeopleSoft can help you with the following three business segments significantly improved:

Business process: your core business automation, and reduce the cost of

Collaboration: extend through the Internet to customers, partners, and employees, thus improving your business processes.

Analysis System: Manage your business more effectively through strategic and practical solutions that can be provided to every employee.

Industry-leading Internet architecture.

Our innovative e-commerce platform is the world’s first open XML platform, bringing high scalability and easy-to-use solutions to all users. PeopleSoft 8 does not include standard web browsers. You need any client software so that you can safely run your business anytime, anywhere. 

World’s top Functions

Whether you choose to adopt a fully integrated or specific PeopleSoft e-commerce solution, our new generation of application solutions can provide customers, employees, and financial management with top-notch functions. PeopleSoft 8 fully utilizes every application solution in HTML format the full functionality.

PeopleSoft course fees

Access the Course Fees page (select Set Up SACR, select Product Related, then choose Student Financials, then choose Course and Class Fees, then choose Course Fees, then choose Course Sub Fees).


If more than one component of the course exists, select the component for which you want to define the fee. Otherwise, leave this field blank.



Enter the institution to which the course belongs. If the fee is assessed regardless of the institution, leave this field blank.



Enter the campus to which the course belongs. If the fee is assessed regardless of the campus, leave this field blank.



Enter the location to which the course belongs. If the fee is assessed regardless of the location, you can leave this field blank.


  Copy Course Fee

Select this option to copy a definition from one term to another.



Select the term in which the fee is charged.



If applicable, select the session in which the fee is charged.






PeopleSoft training



People should see the Stanford Training and Registration System, and the one that uses PeopleSoft Learning Management System is called STARS.

What training do I want to take?

Training is required to realize access to the PeopleSoft system. User training is provided primarily through online training modules. All new users must first complete the PeopleSoft Concepts & Compliance training module. 

STARS Learning/Enrollment Administrators: See the celebs Course Administration & Reporting page for requirements. Student Administration & Postdoc WebForms Users: See PeopleSoft Training Requirements for details.

How do I buy Access to PeopleSoft?

There are multiple steps within the authority-granting process. Prospective users of PeopleSoft HR should ask the HR Management System page for information about obtaining access to the system.

For prospective Student Administration users, the method is as follows:

Complete the specified training identified on the PeopleSoft Training Requirements page. Your manager must submit an invitation to the Authority Grantor for your School or Business Area, establishing the authority granted to you. The request must provide your name, SUNet ID, department, and job title/responsibilities.

PeopleSoft training Udemy

From Udemy, you can freely download Master in PeopleSoft Base Benefits Training. Become a PeopleSoft Functional Expert aboard Benefits. It had been last updated on May 23, 2017. This course’s language is English but even has Subtitles (captions) in English (US) languages for better understanding. This course is posted under the categories of Other, PeopleSoft, and IT Software on Udemy.

There are quite 3652 people who have already enrolled within the Master in PeopleSoft Base Benefits Training, making it one of the very fashionable courses on Udemy. You’ll free download the course from the download links below. It’s a rating of 4.2 given by 237 people, thus also makes it one among the simplest rated course in Udemy.

The Udemy Master in PeopleSoft Base Benefits Training free download additionally incorporates 6 hours of on-request video, 5 articles, 57 downloadable assets, Full lifetime access, portable and TV, Assignments, Certificate of Completion, and unmistakably more.

PeopleSoft training manual

The main topic of the subsequent eBook is concentrated on PEOPLESOFT TRAINING MANUAL; however, it didn’t enclose the likelihood of other extra info also as details concerning the subject. You’ll begin from the Intro and Brief Description to urge a look at the topic. Just in case you would like even more chronological arrangement, you’ll check out via the Glossary page.

You use PeopleSoft applications during a pure internet environment called PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture. PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture may be a server-centric architecture that only needs an internet browser installed on individual user machines.

The PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture is your window to PeopleSoft applications also as other web-based applications and content. Within your browser, check in to the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture as you’d when opening an internet site. The PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture utilizes a powerful menu for route and a general route header with these route instruments: Home, Worklist, Multichannel Console, and Sign out. This route header shows up at the most elevated of each page while you’re endorsed in.

Your PeopleSoft application is delivered with an indication database with sample data to help you see how the system works. You’ll also use the demonstration database to experiment with specific PeopleSoft applications.

How easy to learn PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft is a very powerful application with a lot of information from Oracle, delivered with the application known as People Books. This book, PeopleSoft Developer’s Guide for People Tools & People Code, is a starting point for reference material about the common points of understanding that you will need to start your career as a PeopleSoft developer. This book provides you with background information that is important for understanding the way PeopleSoft and People Code work; it provides you with examples to understand the concepts. Oracle addresses the subject of PeopleSoft and People Code.

Is PeopleSoft Dead

PeopleSoft application with 9.2 version, do not suggest that development of the application has been stopped. PeopleSoft has developed a selective adoption facility that can allow customers to chose what they have once they need it. This indicates that when the customer is on the 9.2 application version, they do not need to upgrade again to urge new features. Thus there’s no need for a 9.3 version, which may be a good thing. Peoplesoft now delivers updates in PUM images, which may be a bundle of all the fixes and features to that point. Customers and pick can then choose what they need from it, employing a web interface whenever they need to. The PeopleSoft PUM will create a package of consumers’ choices and that they can apply in their environment.

How PeopleSoft is adapting to changing markets.

Selective adoption: Security, ownership, and customization support of on-premise solution + ability to select and chose and uptake with less cost because it happens in the cloud.

Responsive Fluid UI — The new fluid UI support that came with people tools 8.54 may be a real game-changer. Now develop applications for desktop, mobile, tablet with ease in PeopleSoft. Say goodbye to old boring PeopleSoft UI and embrace the facility of HTML5 and CSS3. Now you’ll develop attractive, responsive user interfaces with ease.


 PeopleSoft Applications Portal provides content aggregation and many functional capabilities that are particularly useful during a PeopleSoft-centric environment. It is precious in integrating PeopleSoft application content and unifying navigation across applications. Applications Portal provides a broad deployment of Enterprise 2.0 capabilities, which will improve organizations’ effectiveness and efficiency. WorkCentre pages are wont to streamline the day-to-day work of a spread of roles, providing greater effectiveness and efficiency.

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