Is Lucidchart a Google app?

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Lucidchart is a product of Lucid Software Inc., located in Utah, United States. This web-based platform (proprietary) lets you draw, revise, and share charts and diagrams. 

Ideally, it lets yourwork from a familiar drive interface, making it incredibly easy to develop new diagrams without needing to open a different tab or logging into a separate app. That means third-party software such as Adobe Flash isn’t necessary. The good part is that Lucidchart runs on any browser as long as it supports HTML5. 

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Now, is Lucidchart a google application? Lucidchart integrated into Google Apps Marketplace in 2010. Pretty clear; Lucidchart isn’t a google application; instead, it is integration, making it much more flexible. You can create new documents and use Google and Team Drive as an extension of your Lucidchart account.

It comes with advantages like granting you access to Lucidchart via the Drive. Additionally, you can integrate it with almost all google app:

For instance, integrating it with Google Docs lets you quickly add diagrams to make the content easier to understand. Again, if you use google sheets more often, Lucidchart allows you to link the data to diagrams for easier understanding. And for google slides, Lucidchart will enable you to add professional visuals to all your presentations. 

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Is Lucidchart a Google app

What is a Google app?

Google applications are a collection of collaborative and web-based messaging software (SaaS), which google hosts on its servers. These applications customize the google platform (proprietary) as well as the brand for various businesses. 

Keep in mind that google provides its apps as a service (Software as a Service – SaaS) instead of software that you can download and install. That means, to use google software, you merely need to use a web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer –connect it to the internet. 

Google Apps eases the furnishing of Google applications alongside management tools for users. This includes Gmail, Google Videos, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs, and Google Cloud Connect.

It is worth noting that Google Apps has the backing of a similar infrastructure and resources that standard Google services provide. It comes with support, 99.9 % uptime, and it supports corporate features but only those that Google Apps Service Level Agreement supports.

Google apps tailor their applications to multiple industries. They include:

  • Google Apps for education, nonprofit, business, and government (these are separate Applications)
  • Google Apps (free): up to 10 free Gmail email accounts, Google Sites, Google Calendar, and Google Docs

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Is Lucidchart a Google app?

Lucidchart isn’t a google application per se; instead, it’s an integration that you can access via google drive. Integrating this software on Google Drive makes it easy to access it from wherever you are as long as you have a stable internet connection. 

Note that Lucidchart was among the first web applications to integrate with google drive. The reason for this is ensuring that you stay close to your sheets, slides, and docs and make them highly visual. Incredibly, Lucidchart integrates seamlessly with the three apps – sheets, slides, and docs. In turn, this allows you to work from a more familiar drive interface. Thus, creating documents, spreadsheets and makes presentations as part of any document you are creating. 

Integrating Lucidchart to Google Drive exposes you to powerful features that create diagrams and visual representation and let your team communicate effectively and efficiently. What’s impressive is that even complex ideas can be shared quickly and in real-time. 

Beyond that, it is a cloud-based application that offers an intuitive user interface. That makes it much easier to begin creating diagrams. Lucidchart can work on multiple operating systems, notably Mac, Microsoft, and Linux. Besides, it works on all devices.  

What kind of app is Lucidchart?

If you require software for better visual communication, then Lucidchart might be your best app. Typically, it is an online/cloud-based service with immense ability to develop software prototypes, flowcharts, ER models, organizational charts, website wireframes, mind maps, etc. 

Once you register on Lucidchart, you can try it free of charge before you pay money on any paid plans. Notice that regardless of web browser type – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge, Lucidchart works just fine. 

Are you an enterprise/business or an individual? Lucidchart meets all your diagramming needs without straining. Thanks to its friendly user-interface, anyone can use the app easily. Users get an easy to use and reliable sketching interface and flow chart diagrams. The software has lots of functions, thanks to its wide-ranging and powerful features. 

Users can use it in Engineering, Web Design, Development, and Business Sectors to create diagrams, maps, convey ideas, and projects. It will integrate with business systems, including Google Apps, Google Drive, JIVE, and Atlassian Apps. 

Users can go a step further and publish or integrate into standard formats. Common valuable features include Concept Map Maker, ER Diagram Tool, Flowchart Software, and Org Chart Software. 

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Google Drawings

Google offers Google Drawing as part of its free web-based app, Google Docs Editors suite. Ideally, it is a diagramming software that encompasses Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Google Keep. Unlike Lucidchart, it works manually. 

What can you do with google drawings? 

You get Google Drawings as either a web application or desktop app when using the google chrome operating system. With the app, you can quickly develop and edit organizational charts, flowcharts, website wireframes, etc., online while collaborating with your team in real-time.

Again, you can import images from the web and your computer. And if you need to insert arrows, shapes, scribbles, or text from pre-defined templates, it’s also very possible. Again, another possibility is that you can resize, move, or rotate objects within the software. 

Another essential feature that google drawings offer to users is the ability to edit images. That means you can crop, add borders, and apply masks. You can create more precise drawings thanks to the auto-distribution, snapping to grid, and alignment guides. 

By now, you know that you can insert the diagrams in google spreadsheets, presentations and documents. If you publish or download images, they come in standard forms like JPEG, PNG, SVG, or PDF.

However, Google Drawings doesn’t have a dedicated home. 

Microsoft Visio

Visio is a powerful Microsoft visual application that allows you to draw precise diagrams from anywhere. With the app, you can confidently create visuals that are very easy to understand. The best part is that it comes with starter diagrams, pre-made templates, and stencils; all these are available in the web app or Visio desktop. 

Microsoft Visio is excellent for Diagrams. Actually, it does it better than the majority of similar web and desktop applications. Whether you are creating a flower plan or flowchart, or anything in between, Microsoft Visio delivers one of the best software. You can create both simple and complicated diagrams, thanks to its wide array of built-in features. 

Apart from the in-built features – shapes, objects, and stencils, Microsoft Visio allows you to create shapes and import other shapes from other sources if you want to perform extra work.  

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Visio Web App vs. Visio Desktop App

Microsoft Visio offers both a web application and a desktop app. While both apps are useful, this arrangement lets you choose an app that works well with the type of solution you need. That means creating practical and professional diagrams that communicate your ideas accurately. 

Visio web app

It comes in two plans: 

  • Visio Plan 1 costing $5.00 user/month
  • Visio plan 2 costing $15.00 user/month

The web app comes with powerful features, including:

  • Creating, editing, and storing images in the cloud
  • Allowing Microsoft 365 subscribers to view, print, and share diagrams on the go. They still can inert comments.
  • Always up to date

Visio desktop app

It comes with Visio Plan 2 and has the following features:

  • Over 250,000 shapes plus additional temples not on Visio web
  • Easy to work with pen or finger when drawing 
  • Generates charts automatically from various sources, including excel

Realize that Visio comes with enterprise-grade privacy and security. 

Google Flowchart app

Google has some integration that makes it easy to create flowcharts within its app ecosystem. Lucidchart is one such application that enables users to create charts in google docs in real-time. In reality, it offers a visual workspace, which combines collaboration, data visualization, and diagramming – all these in real-time. Therefore, Lucidchart is a fundamental Google Flowchart app. 

Put in mind that flowcharts usually add interest to text-heavy documents. This makes it much easy for viewers to understand the message you are conveying much faster. 

Lucidchart is not the only Google application that lets you create flowcharts on google. However, it’s advantageous because it makes tables automatically. An alternative to Lucid chart is Google Drawings but, it works manually. 

Whether you choose Lucidchart or Google Drawings, both are free, and they can create professional-looking flowcharts. 

Before using Lucidchart, you need to install the Lucidchart add-on for your google docs, and the process is pretty straightforward. First, download it from the Add-ons section on the Google Doc, and then permit Lucidchart to access Google Docs. Finally, log on to your Lucidchart and allow google docs to access documents you want to create diagrams. 

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Google Lucidchart

Google Lucidchart is a pretty straightforward software that allows creating diagrams and sharing them with your team. However, the most vital point is that it lets you easily manipulate it to bring out better looking and professional visuals. 

So what can you do with Google Lucidchart?

Create new diagrams

It’s apparent that Google Lucidchart should be your one-stop-shop for all your diagramming needs. The creation of the app is geared towards ensuring that you can easily create the diagrams you need. 


You don’t need another application to aid in the drawing process. Again, you’ll use the same tab that you opened the Google Lucidchart. 

Just integrate Lucidchart into Google Apps, and you are good to begin your diagramming tasks. But then again, you need to open a blank Google Lucidchart document. Just follow this path after integration:

  • Click ‘Create’
  • Find ‘More’ 
  • Then ‘Lucidchart’ – opens a new Lucidchart document. 

Store, sync, & export

The immense flexibility of the Lucidchart account allows you to utilize Google Drive as its extension. This way, you can easily access all diagrams you created in Lucidchart from your google drive. The significant part is you can set up the Lucidchart to daily or weekly sync and backup the files automatically. Again, right from your Google Drive, you can share the Docs. 

Note that syncing google and Lucidchart library allows you to view and use your entire library from both locations. The process of syncing the Lucidchart library is easy – in your Lucidchart, go to user preference and then choose Google Drive. While here is when you select the duration of syncing and backing up. 

Seamless operations in google

The ability to integrate Lucidchart into google docs lets you add diagrams into text, google sheets, and google slide. Thus, you get easy to read, visually appealing, and professional document – you achieve all this via a click. 

Google app diagram net. is a technology stack that is efficient at building diagramming applications. This open-source application is a popular browser-based end-user software for creating mockups, flowcharts, entity relations, UML, network diagrams, etc.

According to the developers, the software comes at no cost, making it accessible to both individuals and businesses. Most users hail the application for its open nature – it doesn’t hide your data and will always allow you to open and edit data. 

Its innovative nature comes with a modern business model that allows enterprises and individuals to generate decent profits. 

The reason users term it a high-quality and effective diagramming software is that:

  • The open-source nature – once you create a diagram on and share it with your team or audience, you are sure that the recipient will open and edit it. 
  • doesn’t lock your data like other commercial platforms. Instead, it allows you to control all your data.
  • Creating a diagram is free. However, you can a step further and use the existing base to build diagrams for particular vertical markets and add and improve on the features. 

Features of features powerful features. Practically, it has everything that you need in a professional diagramming tool. 

  • Supports multiple integrations: the open-source nature of this tool implies that anyone can use it, i.e., take a project, modify, deploy, and integrate it. If you use the free online, it is integrated into a wide range of platforms, and you can deploy it in the form of a self-hosted docker app. Alternatively, you can use it as private diagramming software.
  • Works with existing tools: this software works with OneDrive, Google Drive, Atlassian, Nextcloud, Dropbox, Git, and your desktop. 
  • High privacy: since it works with lots of existing tools, you can store your data safely where no one can access it. 

Visio Online

Vision online allows you to create as well as edit images online, and it is available to commercial Office 365 subscribers. 

It’s true; Visio is an excellent solution for process mapping, and you can use it for illustrating organizational hierarchies, business processes, and generating network maps. Ideally, you can create diagrams that convey complex information at a glance. The Visio online service allows you to share your charts, but it doesn’t come in all languages yet. 

Why try Visio online?

Undoubtedly, Visio online is geared towards boosting productivity in every enterprise. And one way to achieve productivity is by sharing important information with the right people. 

Visio online lets you share and view all diagrams created in Visio in high fidelity in almost all types of devices using any browser. 

Nearly everyone on Office 365 commercial can experience this higher productivity that Visio online offers. Besides, to make the experience more appealing to users, the Visio developers have incorporated the JavaScript APIs, which confers additional capabilities to Visio. This is vital in profiting specific users, more so IT professionals. 

To increase mobility, the developers incorporate more latest features. For instance, there is the addition of the VSD file format capabilities to Visio online. Along with that comes the ability to use emails via Hotmail,, and Exchange Online. 

Apart from just viewing online, you can also discuss and review the process and shape the data. 

Visio JavaScript APIs

The Visio JavaScript APIs are created to increase the capabilities of Visio for developers. IT professionals use the APIs to develop a richer mashup solution for meeting organizations’ specific needs. 

IT professionals access the lodged Visio online illustrations with the APIs, programmatically in a SharePoint Online page. Thus, the developers use these APIs to interact with diagram elements in Visio. 

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Lucidchart free 

Lucidchart is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ways to display your data easily visually. Besides, it lets you join forces with your team members. It packs innovative data visualization, whiteboarding, and diagramming capabilities.

Should you pay to gain access to Lucidchart?


There is a free account on Lucidchart – just sign up and use it as long as you want. Ideally, you’ll get access to lots of easy-to-use tools alongside pre-made templates. 

But the free plan comes with massive limitations. For instance, if you are on a free plan, you only receive 100 templates, a library featuring only basic shapes to help you create flowcharts and diagrams, and only 25MB of storage. 

If you are a large organization or an individual needing a wide variety of templates, this can be highly limiting. 

If you need better features and large storage, you need to upgrade to the paid plans. Paid plans charge either monthly or annually. Essential features you get in paid plans include:

  • Real-time collaboration via sharing diagrams 
  • Importing diagrams from MS Visio, OmniGraffle, and Gliffy
  • Automated diagramming, which creates data automatically
  • Heightened security lets you move all your employees in a central place for better management – limit IP access, prevent document sharing and publishing, and choose those to share documents with. 

Is there a Google equivalent to Visio?

Many Microsoft Visio users rate it highly for its practical and diagramming capabilities. Precisely, over 1500 users give it a 5-star rating for various reasons, including having a familiar interface and integration with lots of other products.

Now, if you are looking for a Google equivalent to Visio, then Google Drawing can be one choice to consider. Like Microsoft Visio, Google Drawing offers decent drawing features, including drawing Venn diagrams and flowcharts. 

Google Drawing works well in cases where you want to develop presentations and documents for businesses. That includes flowcharts and organizational charts. 

Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that Google Drawing has some limitations. For example, if you need professional diagrams such as Floor Plans, Gantt charts, and network diagrams, it might not be easy to draw them using Google Drawing.

Comparing Visio to Google drawing can seem imbalanced because Visio comes with a massive number of templates, each with scale images and icons, allowing you to create complex and more detailed network diagrams and floor plans. That implies that Visio makes it a little easier to generate professional diagrams. 

By contrast, Drawings shine when it comes to real-time collaboration, which means you can share your diagrams with your team, letting each member work on it simultaneously. 


There are lots of online diagramming software, which are useful. However, each one comes with massive failures and advantages. 

Lucidchart is one such app, and it supports real-time collaboration among teammates. It stands out for its well-stocked template library and objects. Additionally, it features multiple options to allow you to export and present your diagrams. 

On the other hand, Visio comes in as powerful software that let’s create complex images easily. With Microsoft Visio, you can quickly build flowcharts, capture flowcharts to brainstorm on whiteboards, and map an IT network. 

Visio offers a plethora of powerful templates, which lets you design any diagrams. Still, you can begin with a blank page to create whatever you need. 

Again, you’ll appreciate that Visio lets users integrate with real-time data sources, i.e., set your diagrams to update automatically when there is new information. Furthermore, you can link it to databases – Excel, SQL Server, and access. 

Like Lucidchart, it allows for collaborative working among team members. It features Microsoft 365 integrations that will enable easy connection to MS Word and Excel programs to streamline workflows better.

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