Is Smartdraw easy to use?

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SmartDraw’s general design is easy to comprehend, even for individuals who are dealing with it for the first time. The arrangement of tools and functionalities within the software ecosystem is pretty straightforward. Therefore, users can quickly move them around to create diagrams of their liking.
However, using SmartDraw effectively requires some understanding of its functioning. Ideally, a user should know each control’s roles and the exact place to move them when using the App. For people who have experience with SmartDraw, it can be relatively easy to navigate through. Similarly, individuals who have used other similar diagramming tools can learn using SmartDraw very quickly.
If you are suing SmartDraw for the first time, there is a learning curve. Though not steep, you’ll need to grasp the essential aspects so that you can create diagrams without much hassle.
Look, SmartDraw developers market it as an easy-to-use diagramming tool. That can only apply to individuals with some practical knowledge about the software. Otherwise, you’ll use it as you want but not create functional structures.
Undoubtedly, SmartDraw is a powerful software that different teams across all enterprises can use regardless of their experience. It lets users visualize those complex ideas and systems to improve products and processes or make informed choices.

Is Smartdraw easy to use
Is Smartdraw easy to use

10 reasons why Smartdraw is easy to use

Whether you want to process documents, manage your projects, or plan strategies for your businesses, SmartDraw might just be the software you need. With the software, you can create diagrams and flowcharts of any kind – to suit the application at hand. 

Most businesses use this software because of its powerful features, but most importantly, it is straightforward to use. Thus, enterprises can easily visualize data for easy comprehension. 

So, what makes SmartDraw an easy-to-use drawing software? 

  1. Available in Multiple Languages: language can be a considerable limitation because you can use software written in a language you don’t understand. SmartDraw comes in multiple languages, making it easy for different users. 
  2. Powerful automation: creating diagrams is much more comfortable in SmartDraw as it automates the entire process. Typically, each diagram you draw automatically adjusts itself when you make changes like deleting, adding, or moving shapes. 
  3. Multiple integrations: the numerous integrations make it easy to transfer and store files and data after creating them. Besides, it offers immense flexibility when making the documents better via input from various users. 
  4. Numerous collaborations: collaboration is possible via multiple integrations. The integrations include PowerPoint and Outlook. Still, you can integrate SmartDraw into a file-sharing App or SmartDraw Cloud to allow collaborative working. Moreover, you can get integrations via plug-ins – Google Docs and Sheets.
  5. SmartDraw has three critical diagrams – graphs, charts, and schematics, which are easy to use, and the most important in any diagramming app. 
  6. Robust content: there are 4,500 built-in templates in SmartDraw and about 3,500 symbols, creating 70 different visuals across multiple industries. 
  7. Supported by multiple devices: Web-based, iOS, Android, and Desktop
  8. Works Anywhere: there is no limitation to places you can work on your projects with Smartdraw, thanks to multiple devices it supports. 
  9. Works with Visio: you can import or export stencils and diagrams using SmartDraw in Visio formats, i.e., VSD and VSDX.
  10. Smartdraw allows creating custom extensions or just creating diagrams without drawing, thanks to the built-in extensions. 

10 Reasons Why Smartdraw is Hard to Use

Smartdraw is a diagramming app worth considering for organizational needs. However, some aspects of this software can make it pretty challenging to use. These aspects include:

  1. Smartdraw works a little slow on some devices, specifically tablets and smartphones. This makes the diagramming process a bit slow.
  2. Using the online version of Smartdraw can be a pain at times as it runs painfully slow. This makes the process of designing a diagram very difficult. 
  3. There is not automatic zooming: if you have the project you are working on, do it manually. Otherwise, when you click ctrl and zoom using your mouse, it will use the zoom function of the browser instead of using the software window. For pros, it can be a huge setback as it slows down the full operation.
  4. Customer service isn’t so helpful: actually, they don’t respond promptly to the user’s needs, which makes it challenging to use it. Practically, available support is prom static web videos, which don’t offer details on how to go about an issue. 
  5. Custom formatting is challenging: when customizing diagrams, most of them get lost. Similarly, the layers do not stay intact. Probably, this is because of the lack of an autosave function. 
  6. The high number of detailed images makes it a little bit difficult to navigate the App, and that makes learning each aspect a bit demanding. 
  7. Huge limitation in some aspects – for instance, there is a limitation in the number of columns when creating Gantt charts, mind mapping, weak remote collaboration features, and a restriction in the number of drawings. So, you have to improvise in some cases. 
  8. Requires an abundance of hardware to install and work faster. Otherwise, it becomes finicky, unstable, and hard to work with.
  9. A constant software upgrade is needed for you to be able to access your past files. 
  10. Exporting to Visio format is almost impossible. 

Smartdraw free download

Looking to draw compelling diagrams, but you don’t have enough money? Smartdraw offers a paid as well as a free online version, which you can use to design and construct diagrams of any kind. 

Once you hit the Smartdraw page, you get access to the free version right away. Now, you’ll have two options. 

First, you can download the software to your computer and begin the designing process. For this option, you’ll require to have an email address. Just enter the email in the provided section and then hit the download button, and the download will begin instantly. 

Check the download process on your browser’s left side. The complete SmartDraw file is about 31 MB.

After completion of downloading, double click the file/icon to commence the installation process; again, the installation process is automatic. 

Once you install this tool, create an account to move forward. However, if you already have an account, you’ll just need to log into the App and begin designing tasks. Alternatively, you can sign in using a Google account. 

Now, the download version is mostly windows desktop edition. That means it is compatible with the Windows operating system. 

The second option is using SmartDraw on the web. 

Smartdraw free trial download

Smartdraw lets you create professional visuals easily and quickly. If you choose to install the SmartDraw for Desktop, it is a unique software as it is the only one with the capabilities of being installed behind a firewall on your Windows desktop. Besides, it can run on Mac as well as online with all other third-party integrations.

The online version is still powerful but can fully integrate and is compatible with Windows. Fantastically, moving between them seamlessly is easy. 

The latest Smartdraw version is the SmartDraw 2020, i.e., This newest version comes with immense capabilities to let you draw compelling diagrams for your applications. That implies that you will be getting professional results within a few minutes.

Your designing job has been made incredibly easier with over 60,000 professionally designed symbols and 1,200+ industry-specific templates.

Keep in mind that the latest SmartDraw version, i.e., SmartDraw 2020, ( license costs approximately $297, which is a trial license.

There is a free SmartDraw alternative. Simply download the software and then install the architectural design on your computer and begin any designing projects. But of course, it comes with significant limitations, like lack of customization, importation, and export cap[abilities. 

Now, picking the SmartDraw free trial means you are committing $297 to purchase its license. For seven days, you will use the software without being charged. If its functionalities and features impress you, then you can go ahead and subscribe. Otherwise, you can cancel your subscription. 

Stopping SmartDraw Trial

The easiest way is uninstalling SmartDraw. Find the App on your start menu on Windows, and click on Uninstall SmartDraw. This action automatically starts the process of uninstallation. 

Alternatively, uninstall the SmartDraw diagramming software by-way-of the control panel. The attested procedure depends on the Windows version you’ll be using. Once you locate the SmartDraw App, select remove. 

Smartdraw free download with crack

It’s true; you can freely download the latest SmartDraw. SmartDraw Crack is the newest flowchart generator that offers a better layout arrangement making it easier to create software configuration programs, flow charts, diagrams, flow diagrams, electrical diagrams, infographics, and other structures. 

So, you can comfortably use this version as a replacement for Visio. It is worth noting that it runs online, under Windows, and on Mac. 

When you download SmartDraw 2021 Crack, you get a free activation key. The SmartDraw Activation Key runs on all computers and tablets, and it features quick-start chart templates for 70+ chart types.

Besides, it packs robust automatic formatting, ensuring that you get professional layouts in the shortest time possible. 

Undoubtedly, SmartDraw 2021 Crack comes with compelling features. Here are some:

  • Professional results: the SmartDraw License Code smart design and formatting templates allow for the automatic creation of high-quality designs, thanks to the availability of all necessary tools. 
  • Multiple Integrations: many platforms integrate with SmartDraw, and the impressive part is that you transfer files with just a single click to any destination. The destinations include MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Besides, it is possible to Export to PDF and other graphic formats. If you need App for G Suite and Atlassian stack, i.e., Jira, Confluence, and Trello, you got it.
  • Services: SmartDraw 2021 Crack lets you draw and print diagrams to scale. SmartDraw Torrent comes with an AutoCAD style annotation layer, which automatically resizes your architectural designs. 

It’s clear; everyone knows Microsoft, but SmartDraw crack comes with robust tools and an interface that is pretty straightforward but create more illustrative diagrams. 

You can still download the SmartDraw 2021 Crack full version, which is the most progressive diagramming software. 

What’s new in the SmartDraw 2021 Crack?

This version of SmartDraw comes with lots of advanced features, including:

  • Advanced harmonizing features, which makes more stable
  • An advanced user interface making it more intuitive to all users
  • It offers a perfect combination of modern skills with old values, making it easier for those who need to upgrade
  • It offers multiple language options 

Smartdraw reviews

Many people use SmartDraw. For instance, on Capterra, SmartDraw has a rating of 4.1 from 79 reviewers. Still, there are other avenues where you can get a smart draw review like the SmartDraw website and other independent reviewers. 

A review is a genuine opinion from users. Therefore, different users express their opinion about the function of these App. Here are some of the reviews. 


Diana M. writes: “Unstable and very Quirky.”

The only benefit you receive is when you quickly print what you are working on. This way, this horribly unstable and unpredictable App will not lose it, i.e., delete even the saved work from its memory. 

It is very difficult to make specific measurements because it only permits measuring “anchored” points but not items or spaces you want to measure. Furthermore, it is impractical to cut down the furniture templates since the software is set to cut down the width. It is disappointing as well as a waste of time and money.

Adam M., Writes – Smartdraw tool is better for Planning Warehouse. 

Smartdraw makes it much easier to plan warehouse layouts to a precise scale. It’s very helpful software. It has lots of presets for racking, pallets, shelves, forklifts; you name it. 

Rohit y., says – Great App for business analysts 

Smartdraw lets you create compelling mind maps and sophisticated flow charts of any magnitude easily. It well integrates with Microsoft Office Suite and is effective on MS office desktop. Furthermore, it is compatible with google docs; hence, very helpful.

On G2

Jason S says: it is powerful as well flexible when creating diagrams. 

Smartdraw offers many powerful and useful features and templates, bar charts, flowcharts, graphs, matrix cards, and website wireframes. It’s also possible to design and construct customized templates that suiting your project right from a blank sheet. 

Lucidchart free

Lucidchart is a robust visualization software thanks to its impressive range of features alongside excellent collaboration tools. This software is ideal for large businesses and features plenty of features that individual users can find helpful. 

That means that Lucidchart comes with personal and business plans. The difference among these plans is the array of features and pricing. However, each of the premium plans comes with a 7-day free trial. This is crucial in testing the viability of this diagramming software before you opt to buy the subscription. 

If you opt for a personal plan, there is some excellent news. This plan comes with a paid option as well as a free option. What you select is dependent on your personal preferences and your needs. But both options are restricted to a single user – which makes them suitable for personal projects or small businesses. 

Lucidchart free subscription is downloadable directly from the Lucidchart homepage, and you can easily install it on your home page. Just locate the Free Download button on the page and click it. Alternatively, you can add it to your chrome browser (desktop version) for easy installation. 

Note that the Lucidchart free subscription is limited in what it offers. Therefore, expect a very minimal number of shapes and templates within its library. But it should work well for you if you just need to construct a few diagrams – usually for personal projects. 

If you want to experience the robust side of Lucidchart, then go with the Lucidchart premium option. This option is highly flexible as it comes with three options – individual, team, and enterprise. The minimum amount you’ll pay starts from $7.95 (prices always change, so check out Lucidchart pricing for the latest offers).

As earlier stated, the Lucidchart free has a limitation. For instance, you only get access to three editable documents, 100 professional templates, and essential collaborations and integrations. 

SmartDraw 2017 free download full version

SmartDraw 2017 signifies a powerful tool in the diagraming world. Apart from just enabling users to create beautiful flowcharts and diagrams, it comes with immense flexibility to solve a wide range of organizational problems. 

Since you can install the desktop edition behind a firewall and run it on Mac as well, many people are embracing this diagramming software, which makes it meet the industry standard for flowcharts and diagrams. 

SmartDraw 2017 is version currently, there is the latest release, i.e., SmartDraw 2020 version If you are an ardent SmartDraw user, then using the latest version exposes you to more features. 

Nonetheless, both versions pack a similar profile with similar features, tools, and functionalities. But of course, the latest version always carries more modern features. 

Good thing; you can still download the SmartDraw 2017 free of charge. Released in March of 2017, this version allows easy upgrade from the previous versions either via active maintenance (subscription) or renewing/upgrading, i.e., downloading the desktop edition for windows. 

SmartDraw 2017 full version

You can download the SmartDraw 2017 full version from the official SmartDraw website to begin enjoying what it offers. Ideally, the full package gives you a raft of exciting features, including:

  • 700+ templates for presentations and infographics
  • Modern floor plans and CAD features, e.g., scales and AutoCAD® import
  • Better electrical engineering diagraming abilities
  • Visio import-export abilities, and Visio stencil import on windows 
  • Intermediate and final tools aid in creating exceptional views 
  • It grants users the likelihood of ungrouping complex symbols 
  • Features embedded widgets that makes sharing content with websites and blogs possible 
  • Works for both businesses and individuals 

Typically, what you are getting are advanced features and the most sought-after tools to make the process of designing structures and workflows incredibly easy. So, if you’ve used the SmartDraw 2016, expect a huge leap forward when you install the SmartDraw 2017. 

SmartDraw for Mac

SmartDraw works incredibly well on Mac, but you need to get the Mc specific version, i.e., SmartDraw for Mac. The developer promises a perfect combination of ease of use and power. However, there is a condition. 

You must have a modern/latest browser. 

Put in mind; you’ll not be downloading or installing anything. Once you are on the SmartDraw for Mac home page, hit the start now banner, which will take you to a new tab, where you’ll register if you are not a member. But if you are already a member, then just log in and begin creating professional diagrams. 

Now, SmartDraw for Mac is wholly free. Upon registration, you’ll be given a 7-day free trial. For the trial, you won’t give out your credit card number and other details. Just begin designing and the designs. But the trial period comes with certain limitations, which you must remove using a license key. If it isn’t a bother, you can use it that way; otherwise, consider purchasing the right license key to remove the restrictions. 

SmartDraw for Mac Pricing 

The pricing depends on whether the SmartDraw is for a single user or multiple users. If you need it for personal use, then you’ll have to pay $9.95 per month. But you are billed per year. 

The personal option comes with amazing features, including: 

34,000+ symbols and 4,500+ templates 

  • Robust intelligent formatting
  • Microsoft and Atlassian stack Google Workspace integration capabilities 
  • Integration with Microsoft Office®, Google Workspace™, and the Atlassian stack including Confluence 
  • Ad much more 

On the other hand, if you buy SmartDraw for Mac for your team, it should be a team of 5 or more users, which will cost you $5.95 per month. But then again, you’ll be billed annually. 

The multi-user version comes with additional features Multi-Seat Administration. Such administrative controls ease Controlling those who have access to SmartDraw. 


SmartDraw is online diagramming software, but it is also downloadable to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The software lets you design and constructs a wide range of diagrams like mind maps, flowcharts, org charts, floor plans, health diagrams, geographic maps, etc. 

Its wide-ranging features make the App more efficient than its competitors when it comes to creating professional-looking structures. It has templates and elements that are context-sensitive and diverse.

Precisely, with SmartDraw, you can create different kinds of charts with less money. However, you should know that this diagramming App doesn’t come with the best collaborative features. Similarly, SmartDraw’s mapping interface is quite dated. 

However, SmartDraw has pretty advanced features when it comes to architectural designing, making it go head-to-head with architecture-specific software such as AutoCAD. Keep in mind; SmartDraw doesn’t have 3D modeling abilities, but you can use it to import CAD files, and it can provide multiple floor plans. 


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