Is Google Ads easy to learn?

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Google Ads is an effective way to advertise your products. However, many people dread the learning process.
But here is the thing.
Google Ads basics, navigation, account set up, and concepts are not hard to comprehend.
However, what makes it tricky are the additional details that it has – actually, these details seem to be needless. Then, many changes happen occasionally – so if you want to be good at Google Ads, always keep checking for new changes and learning them.
Besides, managing your accounts can be overly complicated in a competitive space.
Beginners might find Google Ads intimidating. It might take you up to five years to begin understanding the details of these advertising tools.
So, is Google Ads complex?
Mastering the keywords is essential. But it isn’t the only thing.
There are many instructional materials for Google Ads, and some of these materials are up to 600+ pages. Mark you; that’s not all because it doesn’t explain the flip sides – conversions, landing pages, etc., which help in converting the leads generated by Google Ads.
Unfortunately, close to half of the people who begin learning and using Google Ads quit after a few months. It’s a monumental task and very difficult to master.

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Is Google Ads easy to learn
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10 Reasons Why Google Ads Is Easy to Learn

It’s true; Google Ads is worth considering when it comes to advertising for its numerous advantages. Being a PPC (pay per click) platform, it means you only pay when customers click on your adverts. This aspect makes it more affordable than traditional advertising techniques.  

Like other advertising platforms, it has some stickiness to it. However, you can quickly learn it, and here is why:

  1. Documentations: there is full-scale documentation that helps you learn more about AdWords. Typically, the documentation has a massive knowledgebase with multiple important topics – covering all facets. 
  2. Easy to get started: creating an AdWords account is pretty straightforward. Again, once you create it, you get direction on using it.
  3. There are many handy tools: AdWords comes with multiple tools to help you create effective Ads. For instance, the Keyword Planner is efficient in finding the keywords that generate traffic. 
  4. Easy to make changes: with Google Ads, you can make bulk changes to your account effortlessly. With the right tool, such as Google Ads editor, you can make changes while offline. 
  5. Lots of interesting insights: the home tab on Google Ads displays a lot of fascinating insights like ad groups, disabled keywords, and announcements and alerts, which you can use to your advantage.
  6. There a lot of Google AdWords courses apart from documentation, that you can enroll for and step-by-step training courses to help you clearly grasp the details of AdWords. It may take a month only to master the tool. 
  7. You can learn Google Ads at your own pace. The reduced amount of pressure while taking the courses may make the learning process easy. 
  8. Google Ads give measurable outcomes. Everything you deal with in a marketing campaign is absolutely measurable – conversion rate, click rate, cost per click, etc., thus, it is easy to measure ROI. 
  9. AdWords allows you to learn how to use it as you use it because it generates lots of analytic data to improve your campaigns. 
  10. With AdWords, you can target visitors to engage them and make them come back again. 

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10 Reasons Why Google Adds Is Hard to Learn

Some aspects of Google Ads can make it a little challenging to learn. Such aspects include: 

  1. Google Ads have lots of unnecessary features: look, different businesses have different needs. Google typically rolls out a lot of features to improve its efficiency. However, they may not fit your business design.  
  2. AdWords works well with specific keywords: Google searches differ; thus, when you choose to use broad keywords, it may put you against large businesses, which isn’t a good thing. 
  3. The system is overwhelming for first-time users. Such technicalities are the main reasons why most people quit using AdWords after a while.
  4. You can always get faster results on Google Ads when you do proper optimization, which is challenging for non-technical users. 
  5. Getting answers to specific questions can be a little difficult for those without Google reps. This can make learning and using Google Ads frustrating. 
  6. Adding particular keywords to your ad can be challenging as you have to scrutinize lots of keywords. Essentially, you have to analyze keywords as per your competitors and add them according to their bidding value. This is so because Google does not show the actual keyword search volume. Therefore, users must confirm their ad keywords. 
  7. Google Ads comes with lots of strategies to learn, and it might take you time to get to know how to create compelling ad copy. 
  8. The finest features on Google Ads are hidden. So, you have to dig deeper so that you can finetune your campaigns. 
  9. To be Google certified, you must comply with lots of regulations, some of which use automatic optimizations. Unfortunately, some optimizations may be unnecessary for your business. 
  10. Unsupportive customer support

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Google Ads Certification

If you want to be proficient in Google Ads, you should consider taking a certification course in Google Ads. Google gives users and companies this professional accreditation; therefore, if you have a site, you can display that badge on the site for Google to recognize you as a proficient AdWords user as well as a PPC advertising expert. 

Google Ads certification helps to set businesses dedicated and proficient apart from those that do not have certification. 

Currently, Google offers 6 Google Ads certification programs.

  1. Google Ads Search
  2. Shopping ads
  3. Google Ads Display
  4. Google Ads Apps
  5. Google Ads Video
  6. Google Ads Measurement

It is true; Google Ads certification lets you demonstrate that you are an expert that Google recognizes – in the field of online advertising. Earning the certification is usually through the Google online training program – Google Skillshop.  

You need to set up a Skillshop account, which leads you to a free Google Ads certification assessment. Along with that comes lots of learning paths for added efficiencies. Passing the product area assessment is the pathway to becoming Google Ads certified in the Google Ads product area.

Benefits of getting accreditation in Google Ads

There are two significant benefits: 

  • Demonstration of expertise – a personalized certificate is a great way to show your clients that you are an online advertising expert.
  • Companies earn a Premier Google Partner or Google Partner badge – to receive such a badge, a company will require at least one affiliated member to have Google Ads certification, among other requirements. 

Are there passing scores for the assessment? 

Yes. You need to get 80% or more in any assessment you take. If you can’t make it to the 80% score, you can retake the course after a single day. You have 75 minutes to finish a single assessment. 

Keep in mind that the time expires when you close the browser or if your computer shuts down. You’ll be allowed to resume the tests a day later. 

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Google AdWords Tutorial

Google Ads gives you the power to build your business by reaching a wide customer base. This Google online advertising program helps you stay on top of things to create a successful Google Ads campaign. Ultimately, that turns your efforts into revenue. 

Look, as a vast and influential marketplace, Google AdWords makes an excellent platform for company websites to be ranked high at a fee based on their keywords. 

Google AdWords tutorial helps you to get started on your advertising journey with Google Ads. Ideally, there are lots of things you can learn, which include:

Basics: Google Ads basics help you to understand the basics of this advertising platform. Basically, this tutorial lets you understand and set up the Google Ads campaign as well as improve your results, besides setting up your account. 

Mobile: this tutorial is meant to optimize your sites and ads to be mobile-friendly because there is a massive number of searches emanating from mobile devices. 

Optimization: the course offers a top-notch 3-point strategy to let you engage with potential customers using targeted messages when it matters the most. Carrying out successful campaigns is admirable.

Google Ads Best Practices: this tutorial helps you grasp the details of the essential strategies.

How to Create Google Ads

If you are ready to catapult your advertisement to another level and begin engaging new customers, Google Ads are the way to go. Ideally, this platform will help you create customized ads that meet your business’s budget and goals.  

Google Ads account sign up.

Here is the guideline on setting up an AdWords account. 

First, you must have a functional email account and website. Don’t have a website? Google allows you to advertise your products on its platform with the help of Smart campaigns. It should consume only 15 minutes max to have your ads run live. 

  • Click on this link to begin the creation of your account. However, if you own a Google account like Gmail, you can use that email to sign up. Besides, if you want multiple people to access your account, invite them after you have created the account. 
  • For website owners, fill in the name and link address and then continue. 

In case you own a Gmail account, sign in; else, create a brand-new email account in Gmail.  It is possible to use a different Gmail account – different from the one you registered the AdWords account. The steps are easy – press the create account button – located at the bottom of the page and then follow the steps illustrated.  

Creating A New Ad

This step comes after signing up for a Google Ads account and consequently creating a campaign. 

Ideally, you need to craft your ads to be more informative, engaging, and relevant to your potential customers. Use a visually engaging format to reach and appeal to your prospective customers. 

Here are typical steps to create an effective ad on Google:

Sign-in to Google Ads account, and on the left is the Ads & extensions button – click on it.

Locate the plus sign, click it, and select the Text ads option.

Enter the URL, headline, description, and text in the fields. While typing both the desktop and mobile version of the ad appears in the Ad preview.

Save the ad. 

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Google AdWords login

Once you have a Google Ads account, you’ll be signing in often for various reasons. The most apparent reason is when you want to create a new advertisement for your products. 

Always use the most modern version of the browser to fully utilize the benefits of Google Ads. Essentially, any latest Ms Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari is compatible with Google Ads.

However, if you want to log into your account, here is the procedure.

Navigate to the Google Ads home page by searching on your browser

Locate and click on the sign-in button – the button is located on the page’s top right side. 

In the field that appears, insert the right email – the one you opened your Google Ads account with, an alternative email address, or your username. 

Type in the right password in the password field and press the sign-in button

Sometimes it may be a little difficult to sign in to your Google Ads account. You can circumvent that problem by:

  • Troubleshooting: the platform offers a way of fixing sign-in issues via the trouble-shooter  
  • Changes to credentials: if your credentials have issues, you can update them individually. For password issues, use this link address to change. Still, you can opt to change your primary email, alternate emails, as well as allow a different email to access your account. 
  • Lost account: at certain times you may not know your account, and that means it is lost. This mostly occurs when the original or principal account manager is no longer in your company. Google lets you fill in the lost account form if you want to get it back.

The most incredible thing about Google Ads is that it lets you access multiple Google Ads accounts from a single Google account. Besides, you can access the AdWords account using your alternate email.  

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Google AdWords Tutorial 2019

Google Ads is a big thing, and most businesses have seen immense success using these advertising tools. Though it seems incredibly easy to use, many people always quit using it along the way, mainly due to the requirements. Look, there is a budget you have to set, keyword choices, using extensions, and creating campaigns. 

Google Ads is simply a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system, and it allows your brand to be visible in search results when customers check-up information related to your services and products. 

First things first.

By now, you should know the AdWords account setup procedure, right? An account enables you to use this service. Click: to get yourself a Google Ads account. The process is simple because all steps are guided. Moreover, you get access to extensions and options to make your experience easy. And with a better budget, you get access to lots of Google support. 

Essential things while creating an account are:

  • Landing page (website)
  • Keywords – Choose the best keywords
  • Ad copy titles 

It’s advisable to bid on your brand as it is cheaper, eliminates competition, and can double your message. 

Again, create compelling ad copy. 

Google AdWords course

Many avenues offer Google AdWords training. It may be free; however, the majority of AdWords course creators charge a certain amount to deliver the course. 

If you choose to get the Google AdWords course from Google, then you’ll get it from the Google Skillshop. Google Skillshop offers lots of solutions and tools for professionals on Google. 

With Skillshop, you can impressively grow your professional value and knowledge with on-demand training that is incredibly flexible. After signing up for an account, you are ushered into a library of powerful resources, including free online courses which you can complete at your own pace. Remember, Google product experts create these courses. 

What benefits do you derive from these Google Skillshop courses

That depends on your learning path. 

You can opt to learn how to manage and measure Search, Video Measurement, Shopping Campaigns, Display. This path has courses that encompass product tactics and marketing strategy. What’s more impressive is that these courses are designed using real-world cases and common business cases. So, learners can create actionable product and marketing know-how, and they can apply immediately. 

You can opt for Google Ads accreditation in Search, Video Measurement, Display, and Shopping. Being Google certified is the best way to signal your proficiency to the industry and increase your confidence to create and manage Google Ads, i.e., to advertise businesses online.


When you register for a Google Ads course, it means you intend to drive traffic. Therefore, it is crucial to either have a website, Facebook page, or a website only. Nevertheless, you can use a Google account only.

A Google Ads account is essential even if you don’t have a website or Facebook account because it makes you an expert in PPC advertising. But most importantly, you need to have a laptop, computer tablet, or a highly functional smartphone. 

Google Ads Fundamentals

It’s without a doubt that Google Ads is a really essential advertising tool in this century. Any business that wants its products to be easily found on search engines should think of investing in Google Ads. The compelling part is; you can get near-instant results from Google AdWords. 

While that may sound exceptionally amazing, it is essential to master the important parts of creating and tailoring the campaigns so that your ads can reach your customers effortlessly. 

But that will involve learning best practices for bidding and keyword strategies, boost campaign performances, and create a persuasive ad text that will meet your marketing goals. 

Remember, the Google Ads horizon is continually expanding. The developers replace some facets, altogether remove others and add other new features. These newer features make Google Ads more effective but can make it difficult for users who have no practice. 

Therefore, it’s important to learn the fundamentals of Google Ads to make an effective ad campaign. The fundamental aspects include: 

Image Ad Creator: this is one of the latest features that lets you build media ads in different dimensions in a split second. But it isn’t a display ad builder. You’ll just give it a headline, a description, and a call-to-action. The feature then creates several ad examples for you.

Google Ads Scripts: before you get excited, this might be too technical for some users. But it can be useful in account alerts, bulk changes, and reporting. Furthermore, you can apply it to the automation of PPC tasks. 

Auction Insights: this feature lets you know those bidding on your keywords. Besides, it tells you how their businesses are performing compared to you.

Search Term Report – it tells the terms/keywords that customers mostly use to locate what you are offering online. 

Keyword Diagnosis – allows you to analyze your keywords’ health quickly. 

Why Google Ads is easy to learn vs. why Google Ads is hard to learn 

Google Ads is easy to learn.

Google Ads is hard to learn.


When you get the right keywords for your campaigns, they become competitive because Google gives priority to the relevance of keywords and related searches. 

While keywords may give you a competitive edge, they must be specific to yield the best results. That implies you need to spend time and resources to find more accurate keywords, and that isn’t an easy task. 

AdWords undergoes improvements occasionally to add features and tools to make carrying out campaigns easier. Tools like Keyword Planner, Image Editor, etc are very handy.

Some features that you pay for in Google Ads might be irrelevant for business. Besides, you need additional training to use each new tool that Google Ads releases. 

AdWords has a lot of documentation, training, and certifications. This ensures that users get value for their dollars from this advertising platform. Besides, if you have an issue, you can get it from various resources. 

AdWords has a poor support team. It is almost impossible to get the right help from customer representatives because most of them do not have experience in issues that are happening on people’s accounts. That makes the customer support unreliable. 

Google Ads offers lots of customization options and automation options. Therefore, you can quickly generate reports and track sales.  Besides, you can see the real-time performance of your ads. 

Navigating through Google Ads can be a little cumbersome, more so for beginners. That also means that reporting can also be a little confusing. 

The latest interface of Google Ads is pretty straightforward to use. Such an intuitive interface can make it easy to input keywords. 

The actual uphill task in Google Ads to manage your account is that it is in such a competitive space. Besides, delivering consistent improvements, generating positive returns, etc., requires an intricate understanding of AdWords. Actually, it requires classical resources and a duration of not less than four weeks of intense studies. 

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