Is Garmin Fenix 5 compatible with IPhone?

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Many iPhone users are on the hunt to find a competitive alternative to the Apple watch that costs so much and also has a lower battery retention time. Some iPhone users are also after finding a smartwatch that is compatible with their iPhones and also costs less than the Apple watch. Regardless of your situation, if you’re reading this article, you must be looking for an alternative to the Apple smartwatch that will work with your iPhone.

You must have heard about Garmin and perhaps developed some interest, right? All is well because Garmin has sorted everything for you! Garmin is popular for its high-end smartwatches and has been an immediate rival of the Apple watch. This is because it boasts of good performance in battery and has all the features you may need aboard. With much said, let’s find out more about Garmin Fenix 5.

The Garmin Fenix 5 is compatible with the iPhone. If this was your only worry, then you shouldn’t worry anymore. You are all good to go!

Is Garmin Fenix 5 compatible with IPhone
Is Garmin Fenix 5 compatible with IPhone

5 Garmin smartwatches compatible with iPhone

Apart from the Garmin Fenix 5, there are other Garmin smartwatches that will work well with your iPhone. You can also have a glimpse at these other alternatives since you can find your favorite or another alternative. Some of the Garmin smartwatches that are compatible with the iPhone include:

· Garmin Fenix 5 and 6

· Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

· Garmin Venu

· Garmin Vivomore HR

· Garmin Vivoactive 4

Should we discuss more about these alternatives? I guess your answer must be yes. Let’s dive into the details.

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Garmin Fenix 5 and 6

With the Garmin 5 and 6, everything you’re looking for is sorted! Some of the first things that you will love immediately you see these smartwatches are not limited to a bold and robust look, you will love several amazing features that you want in a smartwatch, and lastly, the functionality of this smartwatch will leave you surprised if not shocked!

Just to dig deeper, Garmin 5 and 6 are compact and also multi-sport GPS smartwatches that will guarantee you extreme fitness level with the help of Elevate wrist heart rate monitor technology and also other in-built activity profiles that will keep you informed about your exercises and fitness while in several environments such as adventures, indoors and also outdoors with enabled wifi.

Just to mention some other features that you will definitely like:

· Smart notifications

· 3-axis compass with gyroscope enabled

· Outdoor sensors not limited to GPS, Barometric altimeter and GLONASS satellite reception

· A customizable face to camouflage with your favorite look

What is so great about this watch? Well, this watch has a unique feature of Advanced Running Dynamics that aids you in tracking your performance situation, lactate threshold, tempo or pulse, and even each step that you will make.

Your main worry must be the battery, isn’t that so? Forget about the battery issue now; the battery life of this watch is 24hours while on a GPS and up to a maximum of 2 weeks when on a smartwatch mode! That is so hard to believe, right? With Garmin 5 and 6, you find it!

This watch will cost you about $449-$499.99.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Are you that person who can’t resist listening to music? All smartwatches provide better sport tracking features, but if you are that person who loves listening to music as you perform your activities, then this smartwatch was completely designed with you in mind!

You don’t have to be so careful when you have this watch on, its waterproof feature is a plus, and it also guarantees trouble-free reading since it has a Garmin Chroma Display.

Another feature that is worth noting is the Garmin Pay that makes your payments just click off and also an upgraded notification that keeps you posted as you enjoy the music.

What about its battery life? I bet this was to be our first feature to discuss, right? The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music has a better battery life when compared to its predecessors and also comes fully loaded with 15 preloaded sports apps that will keep you informed about all the activities you do.

This watch will cost you about $187.49.

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Garmin Venu

Have you heard about the Garmin Venu? If not, you need to know that this is not just a mere smartwatch since it captures a full picture of everything you want to know concerning your health. That sounds great, right? There is still more you need to know about this smartwatch.

Do you need a detailed report on your activities? Well, this smartwatch has the ability to provide a workout analysis. You will also enjoy some other great features such as body battery, stress, heart rate, hydration, and a more advanced sleep monitor, and also a detailed analysis of serious runners.

At first sight, you will love the glossy AMOLED touchscreen display. With the mention of AMOLED, You must be worried about the battery life, right? Equipped with AMOLED, this may trigger a slight drop in the battery life but be assured that you will still enjoy a battery life of 5 days when on a smartwatch mode with 2-3 small runs or any other fitness activity. When on GPS mode, you will only enjoy a battery life of up to 6 hours.

You only need about $349.99 to grab this smartwatch.

Garmin Vivomore HR

Are you looking for a posh hybrid smartwatch with unique hidden features? Well, you will love the Garmin Vivomore HR hidden touchscreen display that will only appear anytime you glance at it. Sounds strange and really unbelievable, right? You will notice that the dynamic watch hands of the watch move each time you decide to interact with the touchscreen and switch back to the original time when you back off.

Just like its mates, this smartwatch also comes equipped with stress, heart rate, sleep, and fitness monitoring technology. Do you think about battery life? You will enjoy a battery life of up to 5 days when on smart mode and even a better one of up to 2 weeks when on a discreet-watch mode.

Garmin Vivomore HR is designed to care about you. This smartwatch will keep you posted whenever your stress levels are high and ask you to take some rest that can help you heighten your productivity.

Do you think about your outfit? That’s sorted out because you will be free to complement your outfit using a wide range of 20mm quick release bands by easily changing them as per your wish.

Do you want to grab this one? You will have to spend about $349.99.

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Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin Vivoactive 4 is completely designed for GPS purposes and also to keep you informed about your lifestyle by tracking everything hence helping you achieve any health and fitness goal you may have in mind.

This smartwatch boasts of a heart rate monitor technology that beats up its rival Apple watch in terms of accuracy. Do you love being outdoors? Well, this smartwatch offers a sun-light readable and high-resolution color touchscreen. You will also like the on-screen workouts and a Garmin coach that will be side by side in making sure you achieve your fitness goals.

Just like other Garmin smartwatches, be assured that you will enjoy features such as pulse ox sensor, stress tracking, hydration tracking, more advanced sleep monitoring technology, respiration tracking, and lastly, body battery energy monitoring.

This watch costs about $349.99.

Pairing your iPhone with Your Device

To enjoy the amazing features of the Fenix device, you need to pair your device directly via the Garmin Connect Mobile app and not through the Bluetooth settings available on your iPhone. Here are the steps you need to follow:

· Open the app store available on your smartphone, install and open the Garmin Connect Mobile app

· Move your smartphone to about 10m (33 ft) from your device

· Click LIGHT to power on your device

You should also note that if it’s the first time you are powering on the device, it’s in pairing mode. You can alternatively hold LIGHT and choose to manually enter pairing mode.

· You should now select the option to add your device to your Garmin Connect account.

Is it your first time pairing your device with the Garmin Connect app? If so, you only need to follow the instructions present on the screen.

If you had earlier paired another device with the Garmin Connect Mobile app, from the menu, choose Garmin Devices > Add Device, and then proceed with the instructions present on the screen.

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Reasons why you should buy Garmin Fenix 5

· Its lighter, smaller Fenix choices to pick from

· It tracks everything you may want

· Its compatible with IOS, Android, and even desktop computers

· It has a long battery life

Reasons why you may not like Garmin Fenix 5

· It’s expensive

· Bad notification experience

· It has a cluttered mobile app


From this article, it’s evident that the Garmin Fenix 5 is compatible with the iPhone. There are also other Garmin smartwatches that you can choose from if you are looking for a better alternative to the Apple watch. Good luck!

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