Is CRM easy to learn?

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It manages the relationship with the customer aiming at their satisfaction and loyalty from the automation and organization of processes, reducing costs, and increasing business profits. What is your biggest problem at work? If you think it is a lack of time, you are not alone.

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The world is full of restless people who would like to have 30 hours a day to deal with so many responsibilities. But this is just an illusion. No one needs more time, not even you. What he lacks are better ways to solve his problems in less time. And today, we are going to talk about one of the most important ones, CRM.

Unless your company does not have any customers (and in this case, your business does not yet exist), you need to give maximum attention to whoever buys from your company. And CRM is the ideal tool for getting closer to customers. After all, today, there is no sale without a relationship.

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Is CRM easy to learn
Is CRM easy to learn

10 reasons why CRM is easy to learn

The full English name of the CRM system is Customer Relationship Management, a customer relationship management system. CRM is easy to learn because this system is mainly used by sales staff. The job of a salesperson is to follow up with customers and facilitate transactions. Therefore, sales staff use CRM systems to manage customers and improve work efficiency.

If you want to learn how to use it, you need to understand a salesperson’s workflow. Then use it as required by the company. Simply put, it is to record customer information in the CRM system, and then record the customer’s purchase intention, order status, whether to ship, price and quantity, etc. Record these, and analyse the data to summarize the customer’s buying habits.

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10 reasons why CRM is not easy to learn

The CRM project is a system project. 

  • CRM products lack segmented solutions. 
  • The main focus is on integrating external resources, such as consumers, suppliers, marketers, and agents. However, nowadays, CRM is more regarded as a sub-module in the process of enterprise informatization.
  • Most enterprise users value CRM systems’ integration with back-end business systems such as order processing, inventory and supply capacity management, and settlement.
  • Deep operating mechanism
  • Accumulation and analysis of customer information
  • Analytical approach
  • high-performance CRM system
  • CRM is not used at the company level due to barriers between business units
  • High functionality CRM is enterprise-side software and needs to be designed according to the enterprise’s requirements. 

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As the organization grows, it becomes critical to manage potential customers’ influx while still providing customers with personalized connections. If your business wants to continue to grow in a highly competitive market, it needs to set sales targets, customized marketing activities, and intelligent service desk operations. How will your organization manage the various data inputs flowing from sales, marketing, service desk, and social media channels to make sense?

An automated CRM system will enable your team to interact with customers effectively and manage customer interactions in a single view window. It will provide a comprehensive platform to manage the voice, email, and chat touchpoints between customers and sales representatives. It can display each contact or potential customer so that your team members can handle the different pipeline stages.

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Dynamics 365 tutorial

The tutorials will walk you through the core features of Dynamics 365 Marketing in an exercise format; after completing this exercise; you will be able to:

  • Create marketing segments and organize your contacts in your database into logical groups that fit your marketing strategy.
  • Create marketing emails that meet all legal and deliverability requirements and deliver personalized messages to your contacts.
  • Create a simple customer experience, send marketing emails to all segment members, and record interactions such as opening messages and clicking links.
  • Create a landing page with a form that collects information from new and existing contacts and stores it directly in your organization’s database.
  • Create an automated customer experience that combines multiple paths managed by email messages, landing pages, and interactive triggers.

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Dynamics 365 functional consultant training

The following catalogs are organized from core knowledge to specific domains and the most basic to the most advanced. If your content exists in multiple formats, you can choose the training format that suits your needs.

  • A job task analysis survey showed that all users need to understand the core content set and domain for functional consultants.
  • Configure your organization with the Finance and Operations app
  • Functional consultants who use the Finance and Operations app need to understand how to set up an organization for their customers. This learning path shows how to configure corporate settings, implement security settings, personalize the user interface for users, design and build mobile apps, and implement common integrations, among other tasks.

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Learn d365 CRM

The training provided by InfoShare has the following features.

1 . It is divided into “basic” and “advanced” to fit the purpose of the student.

 “Basics” is designed so that even those who are new to d365 can take it. It is a structure that you can experience for yourself while practicing with abundant screenshots. 

2 . Customizable training

Permanently held courses will be offered based on the schedule determined by “Basics” and “Applications,” but it is also possible to hold them for one company.

  1. Training content created with the latest version

The training provided by Info Share is created in “Dynamics 365 Online” for both basics and applications and consists of the currently available 8.2 and 9.0 versions.   

4 .Training with many exercises

We have many exercises so that you can not only listen to the instructor’s explanations but also learn while experiencing them.  

Microsoft Learn

Follow the tutorial

There are many video tutorial services on the internet; you can learn from Rabbit tutorial anytime you want. Undoubtedly for office novices, tutorials are the best choice. Through the tutorial, you can comprehensively learn all the knowledge points; you can also use it yourself. There are multiple online and live courses to learn Microsoft.

Make a plan 

The office needs to master nothing more than three software’s of office, word, excel, and PPT. so you can’t fumble like a headless fly; it’s a waste of time. It’s better to start with the one you are interested in and order them one by one.

Develop a good habit of taking notes

You should keep a good record of the difficulties or key points encountered in the learning process, and you can even excerpt them to deepen your impression. You can also deepen your understanding of the book’s description, avoiding the “wandering” learning method. 

Review Regularly

Learning should be “revising the past and knowing the new,” focusing on knowing the recorded notes. I believe that every time you will gain. Through continuous learning to deepen your understanding, you can truly experience the joy of learning and stimulate your enthusiasm for learning. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have provided tips and tools to enable your company to find suitable CRM software solutions and invite you to explore how the modern and integrated CRM software and applications provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 can work together seamlessly and together Assist you to increase the return on investment of marketing, promote sales performance, and improve service delivery methods.

Link business and marketing

Sales and marketing components can work together to help you better understand customer needs and meet these needs through suitable marketing channels. Here are some ways to combine these two functions with helping you achieve your business goals:

  • Cooperate with the right time and prefer channels to contact buyers.
  • Determine what type of message to send to the customer and when to send it.
  • Set priorities and establish relationships for the right potential customers to ensure smooth progress from marketing relationships to sales relationships.

Increase sales productivity

These systems can work together to achieve the following results:

  • Forecast future sales and budgets 
  • Assist business professionals 
  • Centralize customer data 

Manage better customer relationships

It will help you with:

  • In-depth analysis of the customer journey to understand how to meet customer expectations effectively.
  • Provide customers and employees with mobile applications that can be used on any device.

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CRM fundamentals pdf

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be understood as a term that defines how companies interact with customers and establish lasting relationships. It enables companies to collect, analyze, edit, and store information about potential customers and current customers.

Specifically, CRM software enables companies to formulate correct marketing activities, improve operational efficiency, and boost sales. CRM is an essential tool that can help organizations maintain effective communication with customers, increase retention rates, and ultimately increase revenue.

A good relationship is key

It is not easy, and positive relationships will not be established immediately! Two-way participation, a commitment to quality, and a sincere concern for satisfaction can help you build a lasting relationship.

Long-term customer retention

Just as we invest time and energy in relationships, organizations need to put in more effort to build lasting bonds with customers. Listen to the empathy of customers and act quickly to solve their problems.

Positive word of mouth

Maintaining good publicity, customer loyalty, and long-term retention are other amazing advantages of maintaining a customer-cultivating business strategy. In short, a CRM system unifies customer information in a centralized location, so companies can use technology to build valuable relationships. Some critical components of advanced CRM software include:

Lead management

  • Marketing task automation
  • Workflow management

Learn CRM

The goal of CRM is to help the company keep existing customers and win new customers simultaneously.

Target market

The target market is completed by collecting information related to customers. This type of data can be the customer’s buying preferences or the customer base’s geographical distribution. 

Call center and customer service

Have you ever called a company to complain or ordered a product and then was transferred to an automatic voice response system (i.e., “press 1 for consultation, press 2 for evaluation”, etc.)? That is CRM. Call centers usually receive incoming calls through a hosted CRM program and monitor the interaction between customers and the company. 

CRM vendors

There is no doubt that companies need CRM software to successfully collect data, manage call centers, analyze data, and make changes. There are many CRM vendors in the world. The most widely used are Siebel,, and Microsoft. Each manufacturer has contributed to the development of CRM in its way.

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CRM application

There are many types of CRM applications. Some CRM applications are web-based so that they can be operated through a browser. Some other CRM applications have built-in programs to integrate data entities and data management across applications. For each different customer, CRM vendors also have specific strategies.

Microsoft dynamics certification

Please visit Microsoft Learn to experience the new free Microsoft eLearning platform. This more rewarding practical learning method can help you reach your goals faster. 

Customers can download the old Dynamics 365 eLearning course. These courses can be downloaded from the 

Customer Downloadable Dynamics 365 e-Learning Course blog of

There are three types of Dynamics 365 certifications: MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365, MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, and MCSE: Business Applications. For detailed information about each certificate and find a certification preparation guide, see Dynamics 365 Certifications.

We will move to a new authentication system based on job roles. Our Dynamics 365 feature consultant certification is still in beta. Please go to Functional Consultant Certification to read more about certification.

Dynamics 365 partners

We provide Dynamics 365 partners with online learning, video, technical level 300 face-to-face courses, and certification preparation guides, as well as downloads of some old courses.

Online learning and instructor-led courses

The primary learning access point for Dynamics 365 partners is Microsoft Learn.

Some old content can also be obtained from the Dynamics learning portal.


CRM solutions are essential business tools for all organizations. Any company that focuses on a customer-centric engagement strategy will benefit from using CRM software. This is an excellent tool for sales and marketing teams to align work on the same page and complete transactions faster.

If in doubt, remember to follow these 5 key steps.

Keep it simple – having a long term vision is excellent, but trying to do it all in one go is probably not such a good idea. Do it in stages.

Bad data + new system = Bad system. Look at your existing data quality before you migrate it all into a new CRM

Involve users as well as Managers when planning your implementation. Build cross-company focus groups

Focus on the necessary. 

 Understanding customers is the key to business success. Customer relationship management is the process by which companies analyze customers and make corresponding changes. CRM vendors provide applications and guidance on the best CRM methods. Many industry observers are convinced that CRM practice will promote the new development of CRM strategy and technology. For any business, a successful CRM method is a must.

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