Best landing page builder for WordPress: In-depth Review

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No doubt about it- WordPress is a powerful way to create your website. That means if offer much flexibility when it comes to building landing pages.
Even so, you need to find the best landing page builder for WordPress to deliver your message accurately.

landing page builder for WordPress

In this write-up, you’ll get the best landing page, builders. The landing page builders let you create an attention-grabbing landing page with ease. 

But before that:

What’s a landing page? 

A web page that stands alone and packs all information to market or advertises your product or service.

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Such a page can capture visitor’s information and put the visitors on the path to purchasing your product or service. Well-written headlines, tempting offers, and a Call to Action are vital ingredients for conversions. 


Emails, search engines, and social media accounts have particular links, which, when you click, takes you a website’s specific page. Normally, the page advertises a product and has a call to action.

This is a landing page. 

Landing pages have a single goal – call to action!

The right landing page builder can help you improve your conversions. Keep in mind; traffic and conversion are critical to any digital marketing campaign. 


WordPress Landing Page Builder

If WordPress powers your site, you can create stunning landing pages with one of the multiple landing page builders for WordPress. 

WordPress packs a plethora of Landing Page templates, themes, and plugins. And you can use them right out of the box. The ability to switch templates lets you determine which template converts better. 

And since most templates are drag and drop, within a few minutes, your landing page will be up and running.

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Free landing page builder for WordPress

Elementor, Beaver Builder, leadpages, Brizy, or Divi, are some of the best free landing page plugins for WordPress.

With these landing page builders, you can build almost any kind of landing page. For instance, Elementor gives you wider flexibility to build and design landing pages for lead capture pages, splash pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, etc.

On the other hand, leadpages landing page builder comes with 90+ free templates to build highly responsive Pages, Layouts, and Landing Pages. It is a simple Visual Drag and drop; so, it allows you to make changes while seeing them.


Features of a free WordPress landing page plugin

  • Easy to use, i.e., Drag and drop layout builder
  • Visual Page Editor.
  • Pre-designed page templates + constant Updates
  • OptIn popups
  • Plenty of widgets
  • Opt-in form
  • Live Form Builder
  • Responsive pages.
  • Compatibility with nearly all modern themes.
  • WooCommerce Products
  • Premium Integrations with various email marketing services.


Premium WordPress landing page builders

The advantage of a premium landing page is that they have much more flexibility and offer better features. All lead page builders have a premium version.

Premium features include:

  • All landing page templates are unlocked.
  • MailChimp subscribe form integration for a landing page.
  • GetResponse subscribe form integration.
  • Set a landing page as a homepage.
  • Database subscribe form integration.
  • Auto-responder for your leads.
  • Export Database Subscribers in CSV file.
  • Allows full customization 
  • Custom CSS & JavaScript.
  • Create unlimited landing pages.
  • Google Analytics Support.
  • Supports Custom CSS.
  • ShortCode supported custom template.
  • Advanced Features for developers & Designers.

With a host of landing page builders for WordPress, you can create and design landing pages of your choice. You can use either pre-built landing page templates that WordPress offers or create customize your own.

You can also use your HTML templates for a host of pages on your site – landing pages, coming soon pages, or simple pages. 

The advantage?

Increases chances of converting more passive website visitors to active leads or email list subscribers.

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Types of landing pages 

Prominent examples include:

Squeeze Page: these landing pages aim at capturing user’s emails, which you can begin to nurture the lead with relevant content and offers like newsletters, eBooks, etc.

Splash Page: necessarily, it doesn’t have a lead capture. Rather, it sends you to an intermediary page (splash page), instead of sending you directly to the article. 

Lead Capture Page: it is similar to a squeeze page but asks you for more information such as an address, business name, email, etc. The information depends on the page’s goal.

Click-Through Landing Page: this kind of landing page shares features and benefits of a product and service with a CTA button encouraging your customer to try a free trial. 

Other include Paid Advertising Landing Page, 404 Landing Page, “About Us” Landing Page, “Coming Soon” Page, Pricing Page, and “Unsubscribe” Landing Page.


Tips on How to create a landing page in WordPress

  • A single goal for each landing page 
  • Ad copy, Call to Actions, and emails should match the landing page. This way, people immediately know they are in the right spot.
  • The headline should be bold, i.e., stand out and boldly communicate the solution you are offering.
  • Use a concise, crisp body copy on your landing page. It should describe what you are offering and also give the visitor an incentive to act.
  • Include a relevant image of your free offer on your landing page. 
  • Don’t add navigation or additional links on the landing page as it will distract visitors from the goal.
  • Include trust factors such as customer testimonials, no SPAM policy, and product performance, where possible. 
  • Avoiding the term “submit” as it is less effective. Use terms like Download Now, Get it now, Let me see it, and so on. 
  • Test your landing pages to determine points of weakness and tweak them accordingly. 


Advantage of WordPress landing pages


You don’t need coding Knowledge

WordPress themes are specifically designed for landing pages; thus, do not requires coding knowledge. Just install the plugin of your interest and then create compelling content. 


More qualified leads 

Landing pages normally result in qualified leads when well designed. A qualified is typically a person who can become a potential customer.

If you’re the information you provide on your landing pages is convincing enough, then you can get more qualified leads, which ultimately leads to more conversion opportunities.


Creates onsite variety 

The advantage of onsite variety is that besides attracting many visitors, it entices them to stay a bit longer on your website. In turn, this could lead to conversion.

Achieving an onsite variety means offering more sales varieties or free offers for different types of visitors to your site. With the best landing page builder for WordPress, you can achieve this effortlessly.

Minimal Design

A landing page doesn’t need numerous features as they’ll distract visitors. That’s is why a minimal design is handy – it allows visitors to focus on the content and copy on that landing page. 

Ideally, it makes your calls to action (CTAs) prominent; hence, help you drive conversions.


No Distractions

WordPress lets you create a clean landing page in terms of design. Here remove everything else and retain a prominent call to action. 

That means your visitors only concentrate at a single point, which increases the chances of signing up.


Naturally segmented 

Landing page leads have natural segmentation (into different types of visitors). That gives you the advantage of customizing your ongoing messages in places they are in the buying process. As a consequence, you can increase your chances of creating a sale.


Enhance website SEO

Landing pages have SEO functionalities. Consequently, a well-curated landing page enhances your website’s SEO capabilities, thus increasing your website’s visibility. So chances are, visitors can easily locate your website.

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How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress

By now, you what a landing page is and its use. Now, let’s look at how you can create a landing page in WordPress.

Possible methods include: 


Installing a WordPress Landing Page Plugin

WordPress plugins offer a quick and simple solution as they don’t require any coding knowledge. 

The WordPress landing page plugins are either free or premium. The good news, though, is that premium plugins are cost-effective. For the best free landing page builder for WordPress, ensure it suits your needs. 

Again, you can choose pre-made templates and then customize each one, depending on your needs. Besides using the plugin to track your conversion rates, you also use them to run A/B split tests on the page designs. For better results, use this plugin for smaller, squeeze pages.

After installing and activating the plugin, it becomes easier to create a landing page. 

Go to Landing Pages > Add New. 

Select a template, name the page, and then click the Create Landing Page button.

Add your content on the next page and customize the page as you like. Click on the Launch Visual Editor button to preview the changes.


Create a Landing Page Using a WordPress Theme

Similarly, here you get a WordPress theme for almost every niche. 

The pre-built landing page comes with features and functionalities which depend on the theme. However, WordPress themes come ready to use. Thus, a faster creation process than other methods.

Note that the WordPress theme dictates the design of your website. If you switch your theme, your landing page may not translate well to your new design.

Again, here you have both free themes like Brizy WordPress page builder and premium options. 

Select a theme and download it normally. For free themes on the official WordPress directory, find and install it within WordPress’s search dialog.

For a ZIP file (a premium theme, or free theme), access the WordPress admin dashboard:

Appearance > Themes>Add New > Upload Theme and wait for a success message. Then activate your new theme before continuing.

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WooCommerce landing page

WooCommerce allows you to add eCommerce functionality to your WordPress site. As such, you can create an online store. And the process is incredibly easy – just a few clicks.

You can incorporate a landing page into your WooCommerce Considering Landing pages are arguably the most effective ways to sell products. 

WooCommerce can power landing page purchase options. 


Why WooCommerce for Landing Pages?

Are you looking for a robust solution to create full-blown eCommerce shops? woocommerce should top your list. So it’s great for a landing page for the following reasons:

  • Advanced Reporting: it features an improved reporting interface, which makes it easy to know the exact amount of sales 
  • Checkout Options: WooCommerce lets you accept payments directly onsite using any payment gateway
  • Shipping Integrations: WooCommerce can tie into a 3rd party shipping APIs like UPS and FedEx providing real-time shipping rates. 
  • Subscription Payments: allows subscription payments 
  • Product pages 


Important notes on WooCommerce landing page


Product pages make most common landing pages

Your product pages are very important in woocommerce. Therefore you need to optimize them properly.

Leave alone homepages. 

However, much information you add on home pages, people won’t concentrate on them. Rather, they’ll move directly to the product pages – a common entry point to any online store.

Shoppers tend to search for products rather than stores. Therefore, shift your approach with product pages. Think of product pages as an efficient sales tool rather than a place to stash product information.

Thus, you can create a compelling first impression and convince visitors to click the “add to cart” button.

Optimize product pages by making it easier for new customers to learn about your store. The information should be consistent across all product pages; so that customers get a clear message no matter where they land. 

Achieve it by:

  • Adding a unique design principle to each page – text, a graphic, or a link
  • adding the same blurb in all product copy, e.g., 100% organic
  • Adding an extra photo or image
Landing page builder OptimizePressBrizyElementor
Price Starts at $99 with a 30-day full money-back guarantee.Begins at $49Begins at US$
/ year49/ year
Free trial No Yes Yes 
Ease of use 54.74.8
Reliability 4.544.7
Value 544.6
Overall score

The Best Landing Page Builder for WordPress

Here are our three top picks:


Over 120,000 online experts, entrepreneurs, marketers, and small businesses use OptimizePress.

It has everything you require to create a marketing funnel, upsell flows, and WordPress checkouts. Best of all, not monthly limitations and expensive SaaS tools.

OptimizePress uses a straightforward drag and drop interface, which lets you create landing pages, sales funnels, and everything you need to create a successful eCommerce and marketing website. 

Typically, it offers a holistic approach to membership sites designed for marketing. 

Now, OptimizePress is a logical tool to use once you get a hold of a few things. Here is the string: 

Create a landing page, add an opt-in, membership link, and your drip feed content to the membership tiers.

Pricing plants include:

  • Core: $99/year
  • Business: $149/year
  • Suite: $199/year

It isn’t a cheap plugin. 

But considering the extensive features it offers, it is worth giving it a try. Important features include:

  • Opt-in forms and metrics
  • Drag and drop page creation 
  • 30 free templates
  • Responsive design 

The Lightning Editor is highly efficient in OptimizePress 3. Besides, it is easy to use, and the page loads up rather faster. No freezing or lags in this Editor while building pages. The OptimizePress 3 has a script and style enabler, which gives it better page load times.


  • Offers value for money 
  • Very easy to use
  • Plays nicely with other plugins
  • OptimizePress 3.0 loads faster on nearly all devices 
  • Highly functional free and premium templates 


  • Dated design
  • Support is slow on responding

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Brizy WordPress Page Builder

Released in 2018, Brizy is a relatively new landing page builder for WordPress, but it offers a range of impressive features. It offers both free, and premium plugin options, and its free version has 50,000+ active installations.

Like the majority of others, it is pretty straightforward to use. Simply select a layout and edit it – remove and drag elements to the canvas.

While doing this, this website landing page builder brings a collection of amazing draggable and customizable elements, including buttons, text, lines, counters, and tabs. 

Unlike other landing page builders, Brizy lets you adjust the height and width of images from the editing area. Surrounding the images are adjustment points, which make it easier to adjust the size.  

Additionally, it’s possible to add shadow and link it to a URL or a popup. Also, you can adjust the alignment, duplicate it, or turn it into a circular shape.

Unique features include:

  • Visual page building with drag-and-drop.
  • Real-time Editing
  • More than 400 pre-made content blocks that include light and dark modes.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Slider functionality — you are able to turn any block into a slider.
  • 4000+ Vector Icons
  • Integrated forms.
  • Cloud auto-save
  • Images with Zoom & Focus
  • Animations.
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Integrates with various custom fields plugins for WordPress (useful if you want to build a more advanced landing page).

Beyond the free version, you get a premium pricing plan with the following:

  • Personal: $49/ year
  • Studio: $99/ year
  • Lifetime: $299/ once

Premium plans come with more flexibility. You get premium features like: 

  • 250+ Premium Designs
  • Works for 3 to unlimited sites 
  • One year Updates & Support
  • Cloud access 
  • Hosted domains
  • WooCommerce elements
  • Form integrations like MailChimp and Campaign Editor

While Brizy is feature-rich, it doesn’t compare to big wigs like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and OptimizePress. 

Many customers hail it for great features but wish it could come with additional templates to make it easier and quicker. Still, others would like a live chat option with support because they take a little longer to address issues.


  • Very intuitive and easy to use 
  • The ready-made designs are modern and attractive 
  • Typography and color adjustment controls are decent
  • Nicely designed content blocks 
  • Let’s you erase your theme’s header and footer.


  • Lacks A/B testing available 
  • No landing page templates 



The striking thing about Elementor is that it has a deep set of features that make it extremely easy to use as well as to master.

Currently, it’s the most popular WordPress page builder. It’s active in 3+ million WordPress sites.

The two main things about Elementor are:

  • Visual: while designing your content, you see it as your visitors would. That means you can see any changes you make right con confusion or inconveniences about how you want your page to appear. 
  • Drag and drop website builder: you simply move around various elements using your mouse. Such elements include buttons, forms, or images. Click>drag>drop to the desired place.

Elementor interface is straightforward; therefore, its learning curve is less steep. You can learn using pre-built templates.

Most important Elementor features 

  • A full library of impressive templates, which you can install with a single click. Elementor 2.0 places these templates in two formats – pages and blocks. 
  • Responsive design – further, these designs allow for mobile previews. Additionally, in certain devices, you can hide/show individual widgets.
  • Detailed layout controls, thanks to tones of intuitive controls. The control ensures that you place every aspect in the right place.
  • Inline text editing -unlike other landing page builders for WordPress, Elementor doesn’t have popup ups. Instead, it allows you to begin typing upon clicking on the page.
  • Easy undo/redo, plus full revision history – you can make changes easily, and they don’t fit your style, you can revert to the original format.
  • Tones of premium plugins

Additionally, you get lots of widgets to build your site on Elementor Pro. It gives you flexibility and helps you replace other plugins.

What’s more, the global widgets let you reuse the same element on multiple pages.

You can choose your free Elementor or upgrade to pro plans. The Elementor Pro has three plants:

  • Personal: $49/ year for one site
  • Plus: $ 99/ year for three sites
  • Expert: $ 199/ year for 1,000 sites

Elementor Pro packs incredible features, including:

  • 50+ Advanced Widgets
  • Industry Leading Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder + Over 15 Shop Widgets
  • Motion Effects Inc. Parallax & Mouse Effects

Typically with the Pro plan, you can customize every part o0f your website.


  • Offers multiple elements 
  • Works fine with all themes 
  • Theme and WooCommerce builder present making an ideal WooCommerce landing page builder 
  • The regular release of new features
  • Compatible with multiple plugins 


  • Outdated User Interface.
  • Impossible to adjust margin and padding with drag and drop 
  • Support is not good – it takes a while to respond.

Other best free landing page plugins for WordPress worth mentioning include:

Divi: it combines great looks with an abundance of stunning features, thus delivering a truly useful multipurpose WordPress theme. Besides, it has an extensive range of page templates, and it is easy to use, making it suitable for those in need of an out-of-the-box solution and lovers of customization.

Beaver Builder: is a splendid drag-and-drop page builder allowing you to build with a front-end view without the need for coding.

Leadpages: it is sort of a complete lead generation platform. It is a SaaS, meaning you can build an entire website and landing pages using a drag & drop editor. Best of all, you can publish without any impact on server resources.

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Bottom line 

A landing page is undoubtedly very important for any business. Specifically, if you are dealing with WordPress, you need to look for the best landing page builder for WordPress like Elementor, Divi, Brizy, and OptimizePress.

Any free landing page that WordPress offers is worth your time. If you need to scale up, you can just subscribe to the premium version. This prevents you from shifting to another WordPress landing page builder.


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