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The concept of multiscreen gaming is straightforward: three monitors link side by side to be recognized as a single giant screen to benefit from a larger field of vision and enhance immersion.
Compared to a single 4K monitor, trios of 1080p displays offer several advantages: an image that gains considerably in width, which corresponds to the human visual field. On the other hand, three monitors in 1920 × 1080 amount to 6,220,800 pixels, i.e., 25% less than a 4K screen (8,294,400 pixels) into less load the graphics card and therefore better frame rate. Finally, we can afford three 1080p 60 Hz monitors from 20 to 23 inches for less than 400 €. In comparison, the entry ticket for a 4K definition is around 430 euros: for example, we find the Dell P2815Q at this price, a model limited to 30 Hz in the native definition we recently tested. Incidentally, a multiscreen configuration is efficient in office automation.


On the downside, we must consider that consumption is tripled and the physical constraints: you need an office capable of accommodating three monitors and positioning them correctly. 

Modest graphics cards for multiscreen gaming?

Knowing that a trio of 1080p monitors is generally cheaper than a single 4K display, we continue our economic approach to multiscreen gaming with highly available graphics cards.

Gigabyte sent us two cards for this article, a Radeon R7 260X and a GeForce GTX 750 Ti. Although both are relatively close visually, we notice that the Radeon offers a Crossfire connector where the GeForce does not have an SLI connector. Also, the Radeon is equipped with an HDMI output and a Display Port connector, while the GTX 750 Ti offers two HDMI ports (in addition to the DVI connectors present on the two cards). For the rest, the cards are of similar size, both based on a blue PCB characteristic of the brand as their Wind force heat sink.

Offered at 128 euros, the GeForce GTX 750 Ti embeds 640 CUDA cores and 2 GB of GDDR5 on a 128-bit memory bus. The first model to benefit from the Maxwell architecture, this card is illustrated first and foremost by its excellent performance, to the point that the reference model does not offer a power connector. Giga byte’s model is, however, equipped with a six-pin connector, which could prove useful from an overclocking perspective.

For an almost identical price (132 euros), the Radeon R7 260X has 896 Stream processors and 2 GDDR5 on a bus and 128 bits. Multiscreen technology is called Surround at NVIDIA and Eyefinity at AMD. Both have become quite functional after several years of maturation. However, the Eyefinity is perhaps a little more difficult to configure (but also more flexible when managing monitors whose definition is not the same). Setting up the Surround is quite simple: after opening the NVIDIA configuration panel, choose “configure Surround and PhysX,” then check the box “extend displays with Surround.”

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What graphics card can run three monitors?”

From the graphics card point of view, the technology must run in SLI mode and temporarily only supports the released GeForce GTX 400 series and GeForce GTX 200 series graphics cards (GTX 400 series graphics cards must run in 2-way SLI mode, GTX 200 series graphics cards Must run in 3-way SLI mode), that is, a single card does not support this technology.

From the display device point of view, 3D Vision Surround must require three displays with a vertical scanning frequency of 120Hz or higher. The reasons have been mentioned above. More stringent is that the three displays must be of the same brand and model. And the display can only be “horizontal spelling,” not “vertical spelling.”

At this stage, the GTX500 series and above can already have a single card with three screens, and the display brand and model and vertical scan rate are not required, but the resolution is required to be the same.

Take GTX680 as an example this time:

GTX680 has two DVI interfaces, one HDMI interface, and one display port interface. So in terms of the number of interfaces, a single card and three screens can be realized.

The three monitors we use only have DVI and VGA interfaces, so we use a DVI to HDMI video adapter cable and two DVI data cables. After booting, only one monitor can display normally and enter the Nevada control interface.

Three screens are divided into two situations: using 3D SURROUND settings, and the other is to use ordinary multiscreen settings. If you want to use a three-screen game, you must first 3D SURROUND to confirm whether the game supports multiscreen expansion; if not, the game will only be stretched to a three-screen resolution instead of three-screen full view. The experience drops. You must carefully read the solutions and be aware of the risks they prompt to avoid any loss.

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How do I use three monitors for gaming?

Graphics cards that output three displays at the same time: Sapphire V4900 1G DDR5 has 1 DVI+2 DP (DP can be transferred to different interfaces through an adapter cable)001.jpg

If you want three desktops to do different things, it’s simple, just one graphics card. Generally, graphics cards have 3~4 display ports, namely DVI, HDMI, and DP ports. So you have to look at the interface of your monitor, and then buy an adapter cable, connect it. After connecting, you can right-click the desktop and choose to modify the resolution. Then you can choose to copy the display content, expand the display content, and display only on monitor 2.

If you want to display different content, select the extended display content. Then your main display will keep your desktop, and other shows will only have your wallpaper. You can drag the program you want to display on it. In that case, any graphics card will do, depending on your budget. If you mean playing games with triple screens, then the requirements are higher. It is recommended to have at least 3000 graphics cards. Because the triple screen resolution will become larger, both the graphics card and the video memory are required. Of course, the best is Titan, but even three Titans at 5760*1080P resolution can barely run the game with four time’s AA full effect. If you have a triple screen, you must use the DP interface. If the display does not have a DP, you must use an adapter cable. After the connection is completing, it is not set on the desktop but set in the graphics control center. For example, in the NVidia control panel, there will be a Surround and PhysX setting.

Which AMD graphics card is best for gaming?

The third generation of Risen has won unanimous praise from all digital players at home and abroad. It is closely following Intel in-game performance. If the game manufacturer and system are optimized, there is even a lot of room for improvement. In terms of office productivity, the editor can fully release multi-core and multi-threading performance after more than ten years. AMD finally stood at the top of the consumer CPU competition. In particular, the third-generation Risen supports PCIe 4.0, with X570 series motherboards and super powerful bandwidth performance.

Dylan RX 5700 adopts a turbofan cooling design similar to AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary Edition in appearance. The exterior color is matte silver with the white brand and red RADEON logo embellishment, making the entire graphics card look less ferocious.  Plus the blessing without RGB lighting effect is even more low-key.

But this does not mean that Dylan RX5700 does not have excellent heat dissipation and performance. Based on a new 7nm process, RDNA architecture, GDDR6 memory, the base frequency is 1465Mhz, the game frequency is 1625Mhz, the limit frequency is 1725MHZ, and it has 36 computing units and 2304. A stream processor, and the use of a brand-new GDDR6 8GB video memory, so that it can still maintain excellent performance in the face of 2K resolution, whether it is playing games or design work, RX 5700 can handle it calmly. And compared to other graphics cards, Dylan RX 5700 is well controlled in terms of temperature and noise, and it is neither very noisy nor scalding.

Compared with 5700, RX 5700, XT has a higher core frequency. The base frequency is 1605Mhz, the game frequency is 1755Mhz, and the limit frequency is 1905Mhz. The computing unit and stream processor are increased to 40 and 2560, respectively, and it is also equipped with 8GB GDDR6 Video memory.

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Gaming Graphics Cards Comparison 

The world of graphics cards changes a lot from month to month, prices included. To make the search for new hardware for your team more bearable, I show you in these guide different options depending on the price you plan to spend, but always keeping in mind that what you want is to assemble a team to play.

Here is a summary of the most interesting graphics cards by price range to serve as a guide if you simply want to see how the market is currently if you have not looked for a long time.

best graphics card for triple monitor gaming

Best gpu for triple monitor gaming 2020

Few monitors are tailored for e-sports players like AOC Agon AG271QG. AOC Agon AG271QG is a curved 27-inch high-definition monitor, which is made by the most famous professional monitor manufacturer on the market for video editing and graphic designers. . In terms of color accuracy, AOC’s screen is high praise, and AG271QG is no exception.

VESA Display HDR 400 certified, its brightness and vividness are enough to shame most screens. Also, it has G-Sync, while preventing screen tearing and aliasing; it also reduces the burden on the GPU. Of course, only you are an Nvidia user. AMD graphics card owners will have to give up this feature, but it does not matter because the monitor’s Free Sync model is cheaper, AOC Agon AG271QCX.

If you would like something better than 1080p but cannot afford the full 4K cost, Dell S2417DG is your ideal choice. This sharp 2560 x 1440 monitor provides excellent color and brightness and provides useful game modes and NVidia G-Sync support to make your games smoother. Dell’s monitors provide some ergonomic adjustments to help you play games comfortably. Overall, Dell S2417DG is the best gaming.

BenQ EX2780Q has features that gamers will love-such as ultra-smooth motion 144Hz refresh rate, HDRi (basically HDR adjusted BenQ itself), FreeSync support, 5ms response speed, and large 27-inch size (full-screen resolution) 2,560 x 1,440 pixels). It immediately became one of the best gaming monitors we tested. QHD images are excellent, with intense, vivid colors, perfect viewing angles, and clear contrast.

From a design point of view, the display can be elegant without really shocking you: we like the polished metal frame, although the buttons and control system takes a few minutes (the remote control is also bundled with the packaging). Use two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort port, and a USB-C port.

Video cards that support three monitors simultaneously

These cards are an excellent option to improve the image quality of the PC. Still, some considerations must be taken when buying one of these cards. An essential piece of information is defining what the card is for, for videos, images, games, multimedia, among others, well, different cards perform better in certain applications. In the specific case of graphics cards for three monitors, the number of outputs on the card must be taken into account since this gives rise to the possibility of being able to load with other image transmission devices. In most cases, graphics cards are only available for two monitors, so if you want to connect three monitors, the card must come with this specification.

Many of the models of graphic cards for three monitors have DVI outputs where the monitors are connected. In case your monitor does not have this type of connection, it is always possible to use adapters, while the input of the cards is display port. However, these inputs and outputs may vary from model to model; therefore, it is necessary to know what output the equipment has to determine which card will best fit the equipment. This arrangement of connecting three monitors to a GPU has been around for a long time; the first graphics cards came with the availability of connecting up to two monitors and television, only the available inputs were of a different format; for example, they had a DVI input, a VGA and an S-VIDEOS.

Nowadays, and in recent years graphic cards come with a series of inputs that allow the connection of up to five screens, but with the same detail of presenting them in different input formats. But within the availability of information with which they are equipped, for the last two years between 2017 and 2018, the input that has been gaining ground has been the Display Port connection. 

Best laptop for multiple monitors

HP has a catalog of vast numbers of laptops, in new formats such as the attractive convertibles or 2 in 1, with screen sizes from 12 to 17 inches and different resolutions to adapt to the professional and corporate market needs. Perfect computers as unique devices for a mobile business user, but what if we also need to work at the desk in the company or home.

This is where a group of accessories and peripherals that complement or improve our professional mobile device, increase the connection possibilities and improve productivity and comfort of use when we have to work at a computer desk.

Why work with multiple screens?

One of those highly valuable peripherals is a monitor or multiple monitors if you need it because a multiscreen system allows you to expand your desktop and work with a more significant number of open applications. Operating systems like Windows make it easy to set up additional monitors, and your laptop probably has the necessary ports to connect. Some examples of multi-monitor use cases include:

· Image, video, audio, or CAD editing professionals need to use several tools simultaneously.

· Programmers who need to see the code on one screen with the other reserved for documentation. 

· Translators who require multiple screens of open documents.

· Financial tasks that require numerous open spreadsheets or livestock price viewing.

· Live collaboration with video conferencing on the additional screen.

· PC video games that extend their display on various screens.

 In general, anyone who wants to see other content while working, be it a streaming or Web page, or who needs to keep a fixed screen.

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Connection to multiple monitors

Any laptop includes one or more video outputs to connect with an additional screen, be it an analog VGA port or digital ones such as DVI, HDMI, or Display Port. The connection to a monitor or multiple monitors will depend on them, although the industry offers various adapters and converters to facilitate them.

Three monitor video card

When you are getting ready to buy a dual monitor video card for your computer, there are a number of things that you would need to consider to get the right second monitor video card. These steps are listed below, and they are going to help you get the right video card for two monitors.

Types of monitors

The first thing you would need to see to is to figure out what kinds of monitors you will be using – one CRT and one digital, two digital monitors, or two of the analog monitors.

Choose your Card

The second thing you would need to do is choose a dual monitor video card that will fit the monitors you are using. For example, if you are going with two analog or one CRT and one digital, you want to get a dual monitor video card with one VGA connector and a DVI-I connector. The DVI is used to attach a digital monitor, and the other is used to connect the CRT.

If you’re using both digital monitors, you want to get a card that has two of the DVI-I connectors. This card is very flexible and will let you use any combination of all monitor kinds.


Once you have figured out what kind of dual monitor video card you will need to have, take a look at the different buyer’s guides to get an idea of the versions, pricing, and features of the available cards. Getting an idea of what you can expect from a dual monitor video card will help you know what you are getting.

Comparison Shop

Even though you may have an idea of how much you will spend on the card, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend that much.


This is the end of this post, in which we explain in a fairly detailed way the current situation of graphics cards and a bit of their history from the beginning of them. It is one of the more popular products globally since a gaming PC will perform much more than a console.

Real gamers use computers to play games, especially in e-sport or global competitive gaming. In them, always try to achieve the maximum possible performance, increasing FPS, reducing response times, and using components designed for gaming. But nothing would be possible without graphics cards.

The world of graphics cards is one of the most complex to scrutinize to choose the right models. There are many, many manufacturers and similar features, and it isn’t easy to find the best of them. In most cases, we will opt for the cheapest manufacturer’s model in the same range since the difference, for example, between an Asus 2080 and a Gigabyte 2080, is minimal.

We believe that this list of models covers most players’ needs well across the price range. In general, they are perfect graphics cards with excellent features that will allow us to play practically anything today—of course, bearing in mind the limitations of models that do not exceed 200 or 300 euros. For each player, there will be less likely; in general, it is a high-cost product as we see, and that is why there is a world called gaming. Would you put any other models on this list that caught your attention?

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