Luis Gillman

Is machine learning computer science?

Table of Contents Machine learning and computer science There seems to be ongoing debate around machine learning and computer science. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and big data are modern technologies that have become buzzwords everybody talks about. Still, no one grasps or completely understands the exact field to which they belong. They seem …

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Is Excel difficult?

Table of Contents Is Excel difficult or easy to learn? In my first blog on “How Long to Learn Excel,” I explained that Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application that contains lots of formulas and functions and is mainly used to organize numbers, analyze complex data, and carry out calculations (from basic to advanced). …

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Is Microsoft Excel Going Away?

Table of Contents Is Excel outdated? For over three decades, Microsoft Excel has been an essential productivity tool for businesses everywhere. The app became the foundation of lots of business processes. It also aided in financial tasks, statistical calculations, computing, IT projects, marketing, etc.   Basically, Excel started as an easy-to-use, most versatile, and most …

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