Are curved monitors good for Fortnite?

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Like other PC games, Fortnite performs well when at maximum setting. However, that isn’t great for competitive gaming.

Fortnite PC requirements are elementary, i.e., a simple integrated GPU and Intel Core i3 processor with 4GB RAM will suffice. But since Fortnite is an extremely fast-paced game, it’s remarkably essential to use a monitor with enough FPS so that the onscreen action can be smooth. 

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Higher frame rates guarantee a much smoother image. And if you couple this with a high refresh rate, you get less input lag, which is admirable.

Do curved monitors offer a smooth onscreen action for Fortnite?

Curved monitors support Fortnite as long as it has the best frame rates, resolution, and refresh rates.

Fortnite pros use 1920×1080 resolution whiles a few use 1440p resolutions. While the 1440p is sharper, it raises the PC requirements. If your computer can push the monitor to clock its native FPS, you can use higher resolutions.

There is one thing to consider:

Fortnite has a default aspect ratio of 16:9, while most curved monitors begin at wide screens, i.e., 21:9 aspect ratios. The commendable thing is you can adjust the game setting to fill up the screen. It is possible but not allowed in competitive gaming.

Are curved monitors good for Fortnite
Are curved monitors good for Fortnite

Unique Fortnite characteristics

Pro games term Fortnite as one of the most influential games in recent history. Besides, it’s an engaging game; thus, millions of people have registered to play it. The game stands out to be unique for the following reasons:

Fortnite is free to play

Fortnite is a completely free multiplayer game. You can download the game freely and begin to play right away – you and your friends can jump into Fortnite Creative or Battle Royale. 

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The game is available on multiple devices

You can play it on Play-station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Mac, and particular Android devices. To play the game on Xbox, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold – subscription sold separately.

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Fortnite is a multiplayer game

Multiple players play the Fortnite game at the same time within a shared game area. The different players play the exact match or are on the same level or server, and every action is in real-time at the same moment. However, you can play Fortnite as individuals or squads. It can involve up to 100 players.

Playing Fortnite is extremely easy

Fortnite is a competitive game, where players pit against each other, and the last man standing is the winner. Ideally, all players run towards the center of the map while picking weapons and other items.

It has different game modes

Fortnite has different modes in which players can adapt while playing. Standard play modes include party royale, battle royale, creative and save the world. 

Open chat functionality

Chatting on Fortnite isn’t moderated. Players can openly communicate with each other through voice or onscreen. While this is a decent feature, it might pose a risk to children as it can expose them to inappropriate language and other vices. 

Age restrictions

Fortnite is rated as a 12+ game.

There are multiple amounts of skins 

Though there are a lot of characters, the amount of skins is just immense. That implies that numerous outfits will have a similar model. Keep in mind that many models are default characters. 

Fortnite is a constantly evolving game

The game designer produces weekly updates and challenges to make the game more exciting and immersive for players.  

Fortnite inspires a cultural phenomenon

No other recent video game is an inspiration to its audience, as is Fortnite. The game has 

250 + million players across the globe. So it is culturally monumental. The social media following (streaming apps- Twitch and YouTube, and video) is massive. 

In-game currency

While Fortnite is free to play, the in-game micro-transactions and rewards within the game allow players to have competitive challenges to win the prizes.   

The best monitor for Fortnite

Choosing the wrong monitor for gaming can lead to fuzzy pictures, refresh rate latency, and screen tearing. Look, a monitor is a device that gives you feedback when you press keys on your keyboard or move your mouse. 

A monitor that displays its full capabilities alongside a beast mode gaming computer results in a mind-blowing gaming experience.

So a monitor can break or make your gaming experience. 

Before heading to the market, look at Fortnite monitor requirements. Besides, your experience as a gamer matters a lot. Nevertheless, be familiar with the following features if you need the best monitor for Fortnite:


Resolution measures picture elements (tiny points of illumination, making up an image). Common resolutions include Full HD (1080p), Quad HD or Widescreen Quad HD (1440p), and 4K Ultra HD ( 2160). 

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Ultra-wide monitors vary in resolutions. The clarity of the picture increases with an increase in pixel numbers, which is excellent for gaming. Additionally, the higher resolution offers more desktop real estate.

Screen Size and PPI

A larger screen size alongside higher resolution translates to a more usable screen and immersive gaming experiences.

Aspect Ratio

Common aspect ratios are 16:9 (widescreen) and 21:9, 32:9 & 32:10 (ultra-wide). Most modern games support both wide and ultra-wide aspect ratios, and you can easily change the settings using the in-game menu setting. 

Ultrawide has the advantage of allowing you to create a wider field of view without creating a fish eye effect while playing games.

Refresh Rate

It’s the frequency at which the entire screen refreshes images. For smoother photos, motions go for higher refresh rates.  

Fortnite is a fast-paced game, so a higher refresh rate makes it easier to track moving objects. So 120Hz or 144Hz will suffice. 

Response Time

Its period for a single pixel to change color in milliseconds. Shorter times results in fewer visual artifacts like motion blurs. 

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Here are the best examples:



Refresh rate

Response time

Aspect ratio

Screen size

BenQ Zowie






Alienware AW2518H






Samsung LU28E570DS


60 hertz









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Curved Monitor For Fortnite Good Or Bad?

It varies with personal preference. But for competitive gaming, ensure it has a 21:6 aspect ratio. 

Curved monitors are great for a really immersive experience. Actually, they make gaming appear more realistic.

Beyond the refresh rates, resolution, and frame rates, consider the aspect ratio, the screen’s size, and the curvature magnitude.

The magnitude of curvature can be 1500R, 1800R, 3000R, or 4000R. R stands for the radius, and the value is in millimeters. A lower value means more curvature to the interior. So 1500R has pronounced curvature.

In gaming, size matters a lot. Any gamer will tell you smaller monitors normally offer as less satisfactory gaming experience than larger monitors. 

So are curved monitors good? 

A curved monitor is great for Fortnite. Since Fortnite is a simulation game, a curved monitor brings out the game in a really nice way. But this again boils down to personal preference.  

The ultra-wide (21:9) curved monitors offer a really immersive experience. However, Fortnite has a default aspect ratio of 16:9. Playing a 16:9 on an ultra-wide display means a black bar on the left and right side of your screen.

The excellent news: Epic Games released a new update having lots of handy features. The updates allow you to play Fortnite at 21:9.

Basically, at this aspect ratio, you get an increased field of view on both your right and left shoulder, which is a greater advantage over those playing on 16:9 monitors.

It’s worth noting that numerous players claim that the screen is zoomed in too much while playing Fortnite. But you can change that by simply changing your monitor setting to wide-screen. Alternatively, if you are using a TV, consider changing the aspect ratio. 

Nonetheless, pro gamers recommend buying a curved monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a higher refresh rate, 144hz or higher. 

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How to Play Fortnite on A Monitor

To play Fortnite on a monitor, you need a PC with the right specs, plus the necessary peripherals. But Fortnite was created for kids so that you can lay it on almost any device – PC, Xbox, PS4, and even some phones. 

You need something really solid for the monitor – a reasonable refresh rate, response time, color, and at least 1080p. With such a display, you get high-level crispness, which lets you see objects clearly.

For successful Fortnite playing, you’ll need a monitor delivering minimal input lag. 

The choice of PC matters too.

A computer that runs a game at its highest setting is a commendable choice. Apart from the RAM and processor, look for a powerful graphics card like EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. This GPU is powerful enough to power 4K resolution as well as any game at maximum settings. 

Consider adding a mechanical gaming keyboard, high-quality headphones, and mouse. Besides, a good gaming seat can make the whole experience a lot easier. Nestling a good pair of headphones on your ears helps you hear footstep sounds. Thus, you can figure out the direction.

Use your mouse properly as it offers more flexibility and precision. 

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Is 75 Hz good for Fortnite?

Fortnite is a competitive game. So for a better play, you need a monitor that offers faster response time and refresh rates. 75 Hz monitor can hold up to the game pretty well.

Refresh rates simply mean the number of times a display can update an image on the screen in one second. That is measured in hertz. A 75 Hz monitor will refresh the images on display 75 times in one second. That means in one second, such a monitor can show 75 different images (fps). 

Refresh rates commonly affect the smoothness of images on a screen. A monitor with a higher refresh always gives smoother pictures and explicit videos. Ideally, the images appear more life-like images. But that should match its frame rates.

But if you are looking for a smoother and immersive gaming experience, you should consider using higher frame rates. 144Hz Monitor performs much better than the 75Hz. It will give you fluent gameplay, thanks to the negligible lag and extra frames. 

However, if you upgrade from a 60Hz monitor, a 75Hz monitor is a world of difference. You can notice a remarkable reduction in ghosting and tearing, improved motion, and better responsiveness.  


Can You Play Fortnite On A Sceptre Monitor?

Sceptre is a household name when it comes to developing LCD, LED, and 4K monitors. Essentially, Sceptre monitors are reputable for color accuracy and high-quality resolution. Such a feature makes them great for different gaming kinds, such as computer monitors, TV displays, or peripheral monitors.   

Additionally, these monitors have a slim design. Such a compact profile lends them portability and versatility. The manufacturer also offers these monitors in various sizes and styles. That should 

ease the process of finding a suitable monitor.

Do Sceptre monitors support Fortnite gaming?

Yes. Fortnite is a simulation game that requires a monitor with decent refresh rates, resolution, frame rates, etc. 

There is a variety of Sceptre monitors in the market today sporting these properties. So like any other gaming monitor, you need to look at core features in a Sceptre monitor.

Key considerations should include:

  • Size: this brand doesn’t push limits so much. Therefore, its monitor sizes range between 19 to 32 inches. 
  • Style: you can choose between curved and LED. LEDs are cooler, thinner than LCD, and more energy-efficient. They are great at support 4k resolution. On the other hand, they come in bigger sizes, allowing them to view more content at a time, thanks to the much depth within the display. 
  • Refresh rates: they typically vary from 75Hz to 240Hz. 
  • Price: expect to spend between $50 and $200
  • AMD FreeSync: all Sceptre monitors feature AMD FreeSync, meaning visual experience. The software adapts the monitors refresh rate to the video’s frame rate,

Sceptre monitors come with speakers. However, most gamers complain that speaker quality isn’t impressive. The best example includes:

  • Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor – 30-inch, 21:9, 1080p, & 200Hz
  • Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor – 32-inch, 185Hz, 1080p
  • Sceptre 24-Inch Curved – 144Hz, Edge-Less, 1080p
  • Sceptre C248W-1920RN 24″ Curved – 75Hz, 1080P

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Gamers looking for an immersive experience should consider purchasing ultra-wide Sceptre monitors with decent refresh rates. Additionally, an edgeless design alongside AMD FreeSync can offer the best gaming experience. 

Sceptre monitors come with various ports, including DisplayPort and HDMI. So you can connect to a PC easily. Still, it is possible to link to Mac.

Best Monitor for Fortnite Ps4

The thing is; gaming monitors have an excellent response time compared to a TV. That’s why gaming on monitors gives you a better experience. 

Currently, console gamers are making the switch to gaming monitors. They pair with their PS4 to these monitors to take advantage of these exclusive gaming features. 

There is no doubt about it. TVs are better in terms of size and image quality (depending on the brand); however, playing Ps4 on a monitor brings a new experience – a fast, smooth, and responsive gaming experience.

Additionally, a monitor is an excellent alternative to larger TVs when it comes to console gaming. The most incredible thing is that they are a lot cheaper and will take less space in your home or office. 

You can find lots of high-end monitors offering lower input lag and motion performance than TVs for competitive gaming.

Some of the best monitors you might consider for Ps4 include:

  • Acer Nitro XV273 – features a native1080p resolution ideal for Ps4. Additionally, it has a 240Hz refresh rate. 
  • Msi Optix G27C4 – at 27-inch, this VA offers 1080p resolution, a max refresh rate of 165 Hz 
  • Samsung UH750 – this panel offers 4K resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time, 

Other examples include AOC Agon AG271QXASUS MG28UQ, and BENQ EW3270U.

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Gaming Monitor Xbox Fortnite

There are many reasons why Fortnite is one of the most successful online games. One such reason is that the game is available on multiple platforms, with many players existing on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

For gaming fans, it’s always a debate of which is better between Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One, or PC. When it comes to Fortnite, it seems that Xbox One performs much better than other similar devices. Though Fortnite comes at a lower resolution – 1080p, Fortnite’s visuals are still apparent.

You can connect your Xbox to both TV and gaming monitors, but gaming on a monitor comes with much improvement – a sharper, faster experience. That means you’ll have less ghosting and motion blur, a more responsive gaming experience. 

Look, Fortnite is about taking out your enemies. So when you press your console, you should see it happen instantly.

While Xbox works well with gaming monitors, it’s right to get the best monitors for that job. Beyond the correct resolution, refresh rates, and screen size, check connectivity options.

Most importantly, check the monitors HDMI output – this is a primary connection for your Xbox. Xbox runs on 1080p mostly. So find a monitor that matches up that resolution, i.e., 1080p. 

If you are going to play your Fortnite like a standard PC, then a 24-inch monitor will suffice. A 27-inch screen can appear mediocre at 1080p.


How to Get Fortnite on Monitor

For you to have Fortnite on your monitor, you’ll need to have a PC or a console. A PC will use the games as a benchmark for performance. 

While gaming PCs have the right ingredients for flawless gaming, other computers can play ordinary gaming. Fortnite will run on any PC with a decent processor, hard disk, and gaming level graphics. 

Install and launch Fortnite on your PC. Just visit the Fortnite site and then click “Play Free Now.” This action installs the game on your PC. You can then launch the game by choosing game type – Battle Royale from the left-hand menu. This sends you into the lobby, where you need to select the favorite game mode.  

You’ll find yourself in the lobby. Once you’re there, select your game mode. This is also simple. Check the lower right corner of your screen – there is a game module set to default, i.e., sole. If that is the mode you want to play, you can continue.

However, there are five other modes you can play in. They include Duos (pairing), Squads (two-three), 50v50 (joining a team of 50), Playground (low-pressure environment), and Steady storm.


Ultra-Wide Monitor for Fortnite

Ultra-wide monitors use an aspect ratio of 21:9 aspect ratios instead of the standard monitor screen ratio of 16:9. An aspect ratio of 21:9 is similar to that of traditional movie theatre screens. Therefore, you can easily distinguish these monitors from normal ones. 

Fortnite has a default aspect ratio of 16:9 at 1920×1080 resolution. However, many competitive players prefer lowering the resolution as it increases frame rates for smoother gameplay. In turn, this makes the gameplay more responsive.

So does an ultra-wide monitor support Fortnite?

Yes, an ultra-wide monitor supports Fortnite. In fact, it allows the players to see more details within the game. Before playing the game, you’ll need to alter the settings from the standard 16:9 to ultra-wide stings -21:9. This is commonly called stretching. 

However, this mostly in casuals but not in Arena. Fortnite banned stretched resolution, and they still consider ultra-wide monitor to be unfair in competitive gaming. 

When you use 21:9 while playing Fortnite, it means you have stretched the 16:9 screens by altering your field of view. 

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Bottom Line 

An immersive gaming experience, less eye strain, a wide field of view, and fewer distortions are some advantages of playing on a curved monitor. 

For Fortnite specifically, a curved monitor should meet frame rates, resolution, and refresh rates of such a fast-paced game. Again, since they offer a bigger aspect ratio, you’ll need to change the setting, i.e., stretching. This may or may not work. That really depends on your preference.

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