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Hi, I Am Mark Gillman

About Mark A. Gillman

Dr Mark Gillman is an internationally renowned scholar, brain researcher and addiction
specialist and has lectured on conscious sedation with nitrous oxide (N 2 O) over 250 times to
lay and scientific audiences in South Africa (SA), Africa, Europe, Canada , USA and China.
He has over 300 publications including full-length books, and a best-selling CD on the
technique of conscious sedation with nitrous oxide. He is a retired professor and has held
senior academic appointments in SA and elsewhere (e.g. University of Witwatersrand,
Medunsa and Albert Einstein University Medical School [New York]. He has acted as a
governmental advisor on the use of conscious sedation with N 2 O for treating addiction in South Africa, USA and China. As a scientific authority he has been interviewed frequently for local and international print and electronic media including the BBC and stations in Europe and
North America. He has held editorial advisory appointments to leading medical and scientific
journals including Lancet, BMJ, Current Drug Abuse Reviews, International Journal of
Neuroscience, Biological Psychiatry etc).
Mankind have been fascinated by the philosophical possibility that pain and pleasure was
linked since it was first suggested by Aristotle and centuries later the idea reintroduced by
Descartes and Spinoza. The discovery of the first biological link between pain and pleasure
was made by Gillman and his late colleague Fred Lichtigfeld, while using conscious sedation
with N 2 O at the SA Brain Research Institute (SABRI). Also at SABRI, Dr Gillman led
scientists in the discovery of the new principle of biology (Gaseous neurotransmission). They
also uncovered the first evidence of an endorphin link in human sexual response and anorexia
nervosa. Drs Gillman and Lichtigfeld also discovered a new treatment for substance abuse with
N 2 O sedation, first used in SA and then later in Europe, USA and China. He is Emeritus CEO
of the SABRI.