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These days, especially as we enter the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, computers are an integral and necessary part of our lives.  Even if you consider yourself to be a complete novice, with no understanding whatsoever of how computers work,  the wealth of information on this site will introduce you to the basics so that you won’t ever shy away from a computer again.

In the past 150 years technology has grown exponentially and now that we are literally catching up with ourselves so that we can effectively operate in a world where we have become increasingly reliant on machines not only for comfort, but for survival, it is time to stand still and contemplate what that means for us where computer technology is concerned.   Click here to read more about the changes in the world brought about by the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


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Is Ruby a high-level language?

(Note:  We may earn commissions from products/services you click on.  This is at no extra cost to you.) Table of Contents A high-level programing language

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Is C++ dynamic or static?

Table of Contents It is a kind of language whose structure can be changed at runtime: for example, new functions, objects, and even codes can

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Is Dart based on Java?

Table of Contents Dart is an open-source, structured and flexible, object-oriented, class-based language with simple inheritance and support for interfaces, abstract classes, and optional data

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Can SmartDraw open dwg files?

Table of Contents Is it possible to open a DWG file using Smartdraw software tool? This question sounds so much interesting! Before rushing and answering

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Is 3D printing difficult?

Table of Contents For beginners, 3D printing can be difficult, especially if you don’t have an adequate understanding of the mathematics – trigonometry and geometry

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Is 3D printing CAD software difficult?

Table of Contents Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software isn’t exactly difficult, but it’s not a beginner-friendly application for 3D printing enthusiasts without an engineering background. CAD

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Is SmartDraw really free?

Table of Contents Ever wonder whether SmartDraw is really free? If so, you need more clarification about this so that it can help you make

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What is Flowchart in Java?

Table of Contents Java code specification This java code specification is based on sun’s standard java code specification. To meet the actual needs of our

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Is Workday easy to learn?

Table of Contents Join a counseling organization – Here in the London zone, Workday is an extremely hot ability. Regardless of whether you don’t have

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Does SmartDraw have 3D?

Table of Contents While SmartDraw is a versatile and powerful diagramming software, it doesn’t have 3D capabilities. However, this downloadable software packs a range of

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Is Smartdraw easy to use?

Table of Contents SmartDraw’s general design is easy to comprehend, even for individuals who are dealing with it for the first time. The arrangement of

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Is Safari Javascript?

Table of Contents Safari is a web browser created by Apple. Besides, the browser was established on the WebKit engine. This graphical web browse was

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